Thursday, February 02, 2006

Detoxing the lies of Mona Eltahawy

Let me first start of by pointing out that Ms.Eltahaway(also a member of the PMNUA), a neocon friendly import from Egypt is known for writing some very dishonest and unintelligent articles. Examples of which include demanding that Imams "condemn tsunamis," dismissing the deseecration of the Holy Quran as merely ink on paper etc. Did I mention that some guy called Wolfowitz(yeah the one who runs the World Bank despite not having an economics degree)recommends her highly. I can see why, a true pro-regressive, and an idiotic insensitive bootlicking sycophantic bimbo if I ever saw one. With that lovely introduction, lets take a look at her latest(and worst article) on the Danish anti-Muslim hate cartoons:

Can we finally admit that Muslims have blown out of all proportion their outrage over 12 cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad published in a Danish newspaper last September?
Blown out of proportion? How exactly are Muslims supposed to respond to this hateful wretched depiction of our Prophet(saw)? The fact Muslims tried for months to reach a respectable solution is lost on Eltahawy. Not counting some of the violent demostrations, theres absolutely nothing wrong with a boycott.

The initial printing of the cartoons in Denmark led to death threats being issued against the artists, demonstrations in Kashmir, and condemnation from 11 countries. What did any of this achieve but prove the original point of the newspaper's culture editor, that artists in Europe were censoring themselves because they feared Muslim reaction? He commissioned the cartoons after hearing that Danish artists were too scared to illustrate a children's book about the prophet.
I'm assuming Danish kids know how to read. What exactly is the point of illustrating the Prophet? Were they planning on drawing bombs tied to turbans in children's books? If the current batch of cartoons is any indication of how the Danes view Islam and Muslims...

Muslims seem to forget that just because they are prohibited from representing the prophet in any way, this does not apply to everybody else.
We havent forgotten anything. If anybody remembers last years episode of the FX series 30 days(as a Muslim) they'll recall a cartoon where the Prophet(saw) is shown in a segment on the different Prophets of Islam. You know why there was NO uproar over this? Because that was an honest mistake and never with any malicious intent from the producers. Anybody who has seen that episode knows what I'm talking about. Now fast forward to this particular set of cartoons printed in the European media, what does Eltahawy think the intent was? To "assimilate" Muslims?

Even with regards to the egregious cartoon showing the prophet with a bomb, Muslim reaction was exaggerated.
Portraying the final Prophet(saw) of Islam in such a inciteful and hateful way, and she thinks our reaction is "exagerrated"?! What kind of bizarro world is this dingbat living in? Has she been tuned in to European politics for the last few years? Apparently not.

Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen was right not to intervene, insisting the government has no say over media - the argument used by Arab leaders when they are asked about anti-Semitism in their media, by the way.
Was he also right to REFUSE any meeting with Muslim representatives and delegations on the matter? BTW, do you know what a SEMITE is? How the heck can Arabs be "anti-semetic" when they happen to be the largest group of semetic people on earth?! When was the last time either Prophet Musa(as) or Isa(as) depicted in the so-called anti-semetic Arab media? Oh I'm sorry I forgot...portraying Sharon and the murderous criminals thugs stealing Palestinian land in a negative light is a major no-no. Our boy Ariel is the "man of peace" afterall. The next few paragraphs is a mish mash which has nothing to do whatsoever with the controversy. Eltahawy goes on a diatribe about about Hizb-ut-Tahrir, citing the case of how one of its members was convicted and did time for "inciting hatred." Fair enough, but what does have to do with these despicable cartoons? Nothing at all. Everybody knows the HT has been under the gun since 7/7, even though none of its members were involved in those terrorist attacks. Its banned particularly in countries which allow no opposition groups eg client regimes throughout the Muslim world. Now one can raise questions about the HT's mission and disagree with their understanding of Khilafah, however to claim that they are a militant group is a lie, and thats exactly what Eltahway does using the straw man's argument. And I say this as an opponent of the Hizb-ut-Tahrir. You are entitled to your opinions Ms.Eltahawy, but not entitled to your own facts.

Abdullatif used the Koran to justify incitement to violence! And we still wonder why people associate Islam with violence?
So her point is that this set of cartoons is somehow "payback," ie it is perfectly rational to engage and incite such hateful garbage. Brilliant logic. Somebody ought take the metaphorical broomstick she rode in on and beat her senseless with it. This is the sort of third rate writing which gets people thrown out of journalism school. We all know perfectly well that long before the HT was on the scene, that such views were being expressed against Jews, the Roma(gypsies), and today its our turn, and we should suck it up according to her. Is it that hard to spell "Qur'an" instead of using "Koran"? But theres more!

Our offended sensibilities must not be limited to the Danish newspaper or the cartoonist, but to those like Fadi Abdullatif whose actions should be regarded as just as offensive to Islam and to our reverence for the prophet. Otherwise, we are all responsible for those Danish cartoons.
Just as offensive? Is this woman on crack? How many of you out there have ever heard of Fadi Abdullatif? Yeah me neither. More to the point what does a non-violent boycott(which she discourages)by Muslims worldwide have to do with Abdullatif's activities in Denmark? Absolutely NOTHING. Why didnt the Danish papers commision an artist to portray Abdullatif and the HT in a negative light if that were the case? Its clear Eltahaway is more sympathetic and understanding of Danish racism then its victims. What will happen to those poor Danish farmers? I'm sure if civil rights activists during the Montgomery bus boycott thought like this, they would still be riding in the back of the bus. Muslims did the right thing, they organized a grassroots boycott and here we are. The Danes and their supporters(including Eltahawy) know full well that this has nothing to do with "free speech," it is an exercise in power and humiliation. Inshallah our pocket books will be our answer, and no phoney "apology" will change our decision to do business elsewhere. Ahmed Nassef thinks those of us who are rightfully upset are no different then British soccer fans ie hooligans. I guess that that would make him a portable neocon restroom when he isnt being a fifth column psuedo-activist. The same applies to a pair of devolved dingo dog neocon affiliated Egyptian bloggers, you know who you are. As for Mona Eltahawy, she is a deplorable, dishonest presstitute for hire and an abject disgrace to her profession. A Helen Thomas she most certainly is not. The boycott is here to stay, so the indifferent spineless pro-regressive cowards can all go choke on a stick of danish butter for all I care.


George Carty said...

The word "anti-Semitism" was coined in Germany to mean "hatred of Jews". Sure, Arabs are the most numerous Semitic race, but the term "anti-Semitism" is too firmly established to redefine as "hatred of Arabs".

Similarly, "conventional current" in electrics is still defined as flowing from positive to negative, even though we now know the electrons flow from negative to positive.

DrMaxtor said...

I'm aware of that George, but its time the word was redefined to include all semites.

David Schwartz said...

The irony is beautiful. Dr. Maxtor is trying to detoxify lies, and no he admits that he was aware of the fact that his argument was complete nonsense.

DrMaxtor said...

Care to elaborate, David?

'Abd al-Karim said...

Actually, the word "Anti-Semitism" was first used by Moritz Steinschneider to describe Ernest Renan's beliefs about the inferiority of what he called the "semitic races". Note the plural. Anyone who's read Edward Said's Orientalism knows that Renan wrote anti-Arab material as part of his anti-Semitic works.

Linda said...

"Dr. M" simply betrays his own small role as a player of tired old misinterpretations and simplistic jingo regarding the teachings of Muslim.

In stark contrast are the enlightened and progressive views of Ms. Eltahawy who offers some hope for a future unfettered by the violence fueled by bigotry in the name of religion.

DrMaxtor said...

Poor Linda, I'm afraid that like many undereducated, overopinionated imbeciles your latching onto the likes of neocon croonies of Eltahaway's variety is hardly surprising. You're just having a conversation with yourself. And a shallow conversation at that, based on a false premise. I find it hilarious that the most violent, murderous psychopaths(the same scum who invaded Iraq, for whom Eltahway is an apologist) the world has ever known are going to lecture us on Islam and religious interpretations.
I'm interested in substance not style by sycophants. Political prostitution pays well, but it is still prostitution nevertheless. I've made my points loud and clear, feel free to refute them if you can.

Sarah Alaoui said...

I'm just wondering if there are any Muslimah writers that you recommend? Also, it takes away from your arguement and perpetuates stereotypes of men in our religion when you describe these women in this way. Thanks.

La Pax Ciega said...

Dr. M:

Thank you. Mona Eltahawy is bought and paid for by the Pentagon. They roll her out like a White House doormat as an expert on Egypt, Islam, Iraq, Israel-Palestine. And she is not.

She is part of the Bush administrations misinformation and planting of news campaign for the Middle East started in 2004.

Linda said...

When you refer to me as an undereducated imbecile you cut off any chance for real dialogue. But that is how you operate, isn't it "Dr. M."?

As for the "points" you've made? You have only offered your opinions. The politics of insult and abuse have historically created no value, and you demonstrate by your hatred you offer nothing of enlightenment, on any subject. Detox indeed.

Linda said...

Oh, and Pax--

"Thank you. Mona Eltahawy is bought and paid for by the Pentagon. They roll her out like a White House doormat as an expert on Egypt, Islam, Iraq, Israel-Palestine. And she is not.

She is part of the Bush administrations misinformation and planting of news campaign for the Middle East started in 2004."


Or do you feel as free to slander with absurd pronouncements like the sad misogynist bigot "Dr. M"?

La Pax Ciega said...

Hahahah .. "Linda", it smarts don't it. To just write with flair and disregard to fact, attributable proof and distinction from fantasy.

You want proof? You'll get it when Tahawy begins to apply the journalistic principles she pretends she has. She writes to a US audience which requires no proof of anything she says because it is fair game to demonize Muslims and Arabs.

Her writings are all designed to further enforce the stereotypes the West has of the Middle East. Take her latest gem on "Omar Sharif" - what a pronounced image of Egyptian state security has unenlightened behemoths.

Anyone who has been to state security or dealt with the police or has been detained for questioning in Egypt knows that her account is contrived.

Like a fairy tale. Once she herself provides the proof of everything she says, then the onus will be on her critics to do the same.

But if she wishes to pontificate on a soapbox and offer little of substance except her opinion and her amateurish read of the situation in the Middle East, then she cannot possibly expect anything more in return.

It might suit the uninitiated audience she revels in, her US patrons, but her style and approach is oddly reminiscent of White House press releases which led us to war without the burden of proof.

If Tahawy wants to earn respect, she should do the respectable thing and provide substantial research and attributable evidence to back up her claims. As a university graduate, surely she knows this methodology is applied to all such endeavors.

Anyone can get up on a soapbox and say anything. That is what she has done, and that is what she will receive in kind. If she wants to evolve, her audience will evolve with her.

DrMaxtor said...

Looks like you beat me to the response, Pax. I always find it amusing that idiots like Linda require "proof" for any critical analysis against muppets like Eltahawy, yet seem to happily go along with the sort of contrived sophomoric nonsense all too common in Western state media.
Oh, and lets not forget you're a "misogynist" is you don't buy into the sycophantic BS put out there by those who worship at the altar of a US visa.