Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Conman Nassef at it again....................

It has been my position that pro-regressives will promote themselves by taking advantage of any controversy involving Islam and Muslims to gain publicity.
Kareem Hasoon of the Arab European League and Nassef were both on an Irish cable channel to give some "insight" into the Danish hate cartoon controversy. I wish the Arab European League sent somebody on the show who was well prepared and spoke proper English. Whatever sense Hasoon made was drowned out by his constant dragging : "....and the point is..ehhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...that means that...ehhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhh....and our know... ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." This is one cat you dont want on Wheel of Forutune. I mean seriously, I understand that English isnt his first language, but atleast come well prepared. It sounded like gibberish after he hit a joint. Get with the program, man.
Nassef started off fairly well talking about European Islamophobia but quickly degenerated into misinformation about the Muslim responce. Nassef believes that Muslim "leaders" are the ones to blame, apparently the Muslim masses are incapable of making up their own minds to be offended or take action on their own accord. He argues that since the Saudi regime doesnt allow woman to drive they have no business recalling their ambassador from Denmark. Brilliant logic and reasoning. The classical case of comparing apples and fish.
Now the absurd part, Nassef states Muslims going against the cartoons are endangering freedom of speech which in turn will hurt them because they are prime targets of the loss of civil liberties. Nice try but no cigar. Theres a clear distinction between responsible freedom of speech and allowing HATE speech targetting the same group of people over and over again. The mendacious masri feels that we must accept the incitement of hatred against ourselves in order to maintain our civil liberties. The choice is clear, accept increasing Islamophobia if you want to keep your rights. Does that make any sense? Sounds to a shake down to me. Its the same "choice" given to Muslim schoolgirls : either remove your hijab or we wont let you go to school.
Utter disingenous nonsense.
Finally he states that the "proper" course of action for Muslims is NOT to boycott but to "act positively and educate people on what the Prophet means to us." Pretty good idea, trouble is its already been tried, done and failed. If this ignorant slob had been paying attention he would have known the boycott came only after the Danes refused to budge, and offered a half-hearted apology only after Danish companies felt the power of Muslim pocketbooks. The riots started only AFTER the pictures were reprinted.
Neither men discussed the revelation that the Jyllands-Posten had refused to lampoon Christ(a.s.) for fear of offending people(not that they should have done it). Nor that the paper has a history of supporting fascism and far right extremism. How about Flemming Rose, the guy who gave the green light to publish the cartoons? Turns out he's a zionist with solid links to neocons and Islamophobe Daniel Pipes. This is not a secret and is widely reported. "Freedom of speech" huh? More like a planned provocation from the usual suspects. What could have been an opportunity to shed some real light on the controversy was wasted. Instead we had a clueless moron eager to get on TV peddling the same set of platitudes and apathy which are the hallmark of pro-regressive movement. I changed my mind, I'd rather listen to Kareem Hasoon's torturiously protracted words then Nassef's convoluted malarky. I'm going to get an aspirin.


Steve said...

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DrMaxtor said...

I think theres a lot of misinformation and spin afoot, Steve. The usual suspects are working overtime. Perhaps they are "exploting" the situation, but that in no way or form reduces the responsibility of the criminals who reprinted the pictures. I think Denmark is safe place for fostering Islamophobia, so their freedumb of speech doesnt mean much to me. The fire they started in Europe consumed a couple of their vacated embassies elsewhere....what were they thinking?
As for "pro-regressives," check out the group blog for the answers.