Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Cinnamon Secret to preventing and managing diabetes

Taking a sabbatical from bashing proggies....heres some excellent information for all you pre and current diabetics. Cinnamon helps lower blood sugar levels. Who says this blog isnt good for your health?! Check out the link for the lowdown.


JD said...

I started taking some of the cinnamon this morning to see how well this works for me. Tasted really great. ;)

DrMaxtor said...

Asalam Aliakum JD,

How is your health? Cinnamon does taste good, I would however take it in capsule form so it can its way to the stomach undisturbed. Its best to take it right after lunch and dinner.

JD said...

Wa 'alaikum salaam.

My health is OK, alhamdulillah. I've developed a few new small lesions from the diabetes recently, but that's after a relatively long spell of no lesions at all.

I'm not sure where I can find the cinnamon capsules. (I've never seen them sold here, although there are some places I can look.)

I recently discovered a strong correlation between my taking vitamins (Centrum) and the smell of urine (yeah, I know, just what I've always wanted to comment about on a blog ;) ). Let's just say that I'll keep on taking those pills every day from now on, insha'allah. :)

Abul Junaydah said...
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