Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Boycott List

MPACUK has an extensive list of Danish and Norwegian products to boycott. Regardless of where you may be, spread the word out on the list. I think this is an excellent pro-active grassroots move against the EuroNazis. This vicious attack is the latest in a long line of salvos fueled by the Europe's descent into far right politics, and should be seen within the framework of European racism. Just look at the way the Roma are treated, and they've been in Europe for over a thousand years. The bastards knew what they were doing, so their "apology" claiming otherwise is disengenous at best. The "usual suspects" are now calling for a boycott of Muslim goods. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do so. But you can't can you? That oil is real "addicting" isnt it? Baba Ghanoush and Gulab Jamoons will have to take care of themselves.
Its really an act of common sense. We dont and shouldnt do business with those who dehumanize us and attack our faith. Enough talk, hit them where it their pocketbooks. Somehow we will survive without Danish milk and cheese, and other products from European socialist hell holes.


Pink said...

jazakAllah khair for the link!
btw - u should add munira mirza to ur idiot's list!!

DrMaxtor said...

Who's Munira Mirza?

Pink said...

she was this idiot 'muslim representative & academic' on bbc newsnight, saying muslims had to stop expecting special treatment all the time and broaden their horizons, encourage dialogue, etc, and therefore if we want to tell ppl abt our faith we shudnt mind abt the cartoons so that we explain that they're not true... and all that trash.

sorry ur profile doesnt say where u're from, so i guess u wouldnt kno what im talking abt unless u're based in uk.