Wednesday, February 08, 2006

As'ad AbuKhalil destroys Irshad Manji on DemocracyNow!

AbuKhalil could have done a better job actually, but theres no doubt that he got under Manji's skin and made her uncomfortable with some very good retorts. I've read some of Manji's work and it didnt take me long to realize that she was a third rate polemicst and fraud, but watching her on TV was something else. She was absolutely pathetic.
DemocraryNow! should have a brought a Muslim guest who could have done a better job at explaining the real details behind the controversy. Know the difference between AbuKhalil and Manji? AbuKhalil doesnt pretend to be a Muslim and is very open about his secular athiesm.


altaf said...

Salaam, yeah - i would've liked a Muslim to take on Manji, but As'ad AbuKhalil did a real good job... and i have to respect him for being open about who he is - much more so than that hypocrite Manji who goes about calling herself a "Muslim."

izzymo said...

Jazak Allah for the compliments. That's exactly how I feel. Asad is an atheist but he doesn't use his Arab name as some kind of sign that he knows about or cares about Islam. He seems to be one of the few liberals who's not afraid to speak his mind or not suck up to the Western liberal elite.

UmmAli said...

The fact that Abu khalil isn't hypocritical is not the only difference. He has integrity, Manji, does not. That's huge.

Aiman said...

Salaam alaikum,

I watched the whole interview, and ya he gave her one hell of a fight. She was barely squeaking.