Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Ghetto blast from the past......

presenting the boom box museum....................

The Cinnamon Secret to preventing and managing diabetes

Taking a sabbatical from bashing proggies....heres some excellent information for all you pre and current diabetics. Cinnamon helps lower blood sugar levels. Who says this blog isnt good for your health?! Check out the link for the lowdown.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Conman Nassef at it again....................

It has been my position that pro-regressives will promote themselves by taking advantage of any controversy involving Islam and Muslims to gain publicity.
Kareem Hasoon of the Arab European League and Nassef were both on an Irish cable channel to give some "insight" into the Danish hate cartoon controversy. I wish the Arab European League sent somebody on the show who was well prepared and spoke proper English. Whatever sense Hasoon made was drowned out by his constant dragging : "....and the point is..ehhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...that means that...ehhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhh....and our know... ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." This is one cat you dont want on Wheel of Forutune. I mean seriously, I understand that English isnt his first language, but atleast come well prepared. It sounded like gibberish after he hit a joint. Get with the program, man.
Nassef started off fairly well talking about European Islamophobia but quickly degenerated into misinformation about the Muslim responce. Nassef believes that Muslim "leaders" are the ones to blame, apparently the Muslim masses are incapable of making up their own minds to be offended or take action on their own accord. He argues that since the Saudi regime doesnt allow woman to drive they have no business recalling their ambassador from Denmark. Brilliant logic and reasoning. The classical case of comparing apples and fish.
Now the absurd part, Nassef states Muslims going against the cartoons are endangering freedom of speech which in turn will hurt them because they are prime targets of the loss of civil liberties. Nice try but no cigar. Theres a clear distinction between responsible freedom of speech and allowing HATE speech targetting the same group of people over and over again. The mendacious masri feels that we must accept the incitement of hatred against ourselves in order to maintain our civil liberties. The choice is clear, accept increasing Islamophobia if you want to keep your rights. Does that make any sense? Sounds to a shake down to me. Its the same "choice" given to Muslim schoolgirls : either remove your hijab or we wont let you go to school.
Utter disingenous nonsense.
Finally he states that the "proper" course of action for Muslims is NOT to boycott but to "act positively and educate people on what the Prophet means to us." Pretty good idea, trouble is its already been tried, done and failed. If this ignorant slob had been paying attention he would have known the boycott came only after the Danes refused to budge, and offered a half-hearted apology only after Danish companies felt the power of Muslim pocketbooks. The riots started only AFTER the pictures were reprinted.
Neither men discussed the revelation that the Jyllands-Posten had refused to lampoon Christ(a.s.) for fear of offending people(not that they should have done it). Nor that the paper has a history of supporting fascism and far right extremism. How about Flemming Rose, the guy who gave the green light to publish the cartoons? Turns out he's a zionist with solid links to neocons and Islamophobe Daniel Pipes. This is not a secret and is widely reported. "Freedom of speech" huh? More like a planned provocation from the usual suspects. What could have been an opportunity to shed some real light on the controversy was wasted. Instead we had a clueless moron eager to get on TV peddling the same set of platitudes and apathy which are the hallmark of pro-regressive movement. I changed my mind, I'd rather listen to Kareem Hasoon's torturiously protracted words then Nassef's convoluted malarky. I'm going to get an aspirin.

As'ad AbuKhalil destroys Irshad Manji on DemocracyNow!

AbuKhalil could have done a better job actually, but theres no doubt that he got under Manji's skin and made her uncomfortable with some very good retorts. I've read some of Manji's work and it didnt take me long to realize that she was a third rate polemicst and fraud, but watching her on TV was something else. She was absolutely pathetic.
DemocraryNow! should have a brought a Muslim guest who could have done a better job at explaining the real details behind the controversy. Know the difference between AbuKhalil and Manji? AbuKhalil doesnt pretend to be a Muslim and is very open about his secular athiesm.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Second Annual Brass Crescent Awards

In a sign that the world is indeed in its last days, I've been nominated for not one but two categories. Ominous indeed. Fellow Living Tradition collaboraters Izzy Mo and Sunni Sister were also nominated. These sisters are top notch writers, so I feel a bit out of my depth being nominated alongside them. I thought it was a gag at first.
Our group blog Living Tradition was also nominated which was very cool. Even though I havent written for that blog in a while(I will, promise!), I think my best work(sans the polemics, rants and zaniness) is to be found there. Whats surprising is that out of all my posts....the "Honest Interview" with Asra "I want attention" Nomani was the one which got nominated. Coming up with these interviews is a huge hassle requiring time which I dont usually have, not including submerging myself in the gutter to read their writings. It would have been nice if the diet plan caught their eye. Oh well.
I dont know why they left Umar Lee's "Jihad of Umar" blog out. This brother writes well and has great insight on a wide range of issues. The only negative being the lack of moderation to keep trolls and other lower life forms out. City of Brass and AltMuslim are not accepting any new nominations, but if they are reading this, please give my nomination spot to Umar Lee, he deserves it more then I do, and I honestly mean that.
Anyway......................heres the link to the vote:

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Detoxing the lies of Mona Eltahawy

Let me first start of by pointing out that Ms.Eltahaway(also a member of the PMNUA), a neocon friendly import from Egypt is known for writing some very dishonest and unintelligent articles. Examples of which include demanding that Imams "condemn tsunamis," dismissing the deseecration of the Holy Quran as merely ink on paper etc. Did I mention that some guy called Wolfowitz(yeah the one who runs the World Bank despite not having an economics degree)recommends her highly. I can see why, a true pro-regressive, and an idiotic insensitive bootlicking sycophantic bimbo if I ever saw one. With that lovely introduction, lets take a look at her latest(and worst article) on the Danish anti-Muslim hate cartoons:

Can we finally admit that Muslims have blown out of all proportion their outrage over 12 cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad published in a Danish newspaper last September?
Blown out of proportion? How exactly are Muslims supposed to respond to this hateful wretched depiction of our Prophet(saw)? The fact Muslims tried for months to reach a respectable solution is lost on Eltahawy. Not counting some of the violent demostrations, theres absolutely nothing wrong with a boycott.

The initial printing of the cartoons in Denmark led to death threats being issued against the artists, demonstrations in Kashmir, and condemnation from 11 countries. What did any of this achieve but prove the original point of the newspaper's culture editor, that artists in Europe were censoring themselves because they feared Muslim reaction? He commissioned the cartoons after hearing that Danish artists were too scared to illustrate a children's book about the prophet.
I'm assuming Danish kids know how to read. What exactly is the point of illustrating the Prophet? Were they planning on drawing bombs tied to turbans in children's books? If the current batch of cartoons is any indication of how the Danes view Islam and Muslims...

Muslims seem to forget that just because they are prohibited from representing the prophet in any way, this does not apply to everybody else.
We havent forgotten anything. If anybody remembers last years episode of the FX series 30 days(as a Muslim) they'll recall a cartoon where the Prophet(saw) is shown in a segment on the different Prophets of Islam. You know why there was NO uproar over this? Because that was an honest mistake and never with any malicious intent from the producers. Anybody who has seen that episode knows what I'm talking about. Now fast forward to this particular set of cartoons printed in the European media, what does Eltahawy think the intent was? To "assimilate" Muslims?

Even with regards to the egregious cartoon showing the prophet with a bomb, Muslim reaction was exaggerated.
Portraying the final Prophet(saw) of Islam in such a inciteful and hateful way, and she thinks our reaction is "exagerrated"?! What kind of bizarro world is this dingbat living in? Has she been tuned in to European politics for the last few years? Apparently not.

Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen was right not to intervene, insisting the government has no say over media - the argument used by Arab leaders when they are asked about anti-Semitism in their media, by the way.
Was he also right to REFUSE any meeting with Muslim representatives and delegations on the matter? BTW, do you know what a SEMITE is? How the heck can Arabs be "anti-semetic" when they happen to be the largest group of semetic people on earth?! When was the last time either Prophet Musa(as) or Isa(as) depicted in the so-called anti-semetic Arab media? Oh I'm sorry I forgot...portraying Sharon and the murderous criminals thugs stealing Palestinian land in a negative light is a major no-no. Our boy Ariel is the "man of peace" afterall. The next few paragraphs is a mish mash which has nothing to do whatsoever with the controversy. Eltahawy goes on a diatribe about about Hizb-ut-Tahrir, citing the case of how one of its members was convicted and did time for "inciting hatred." Fair enough, but what does have to do with these despicable cartoons? Nothing at all. Everybody knows the HT has been under the gun since 7/7, even though none of its members were involved in those terrorist attacks. Its banned particularly in countries which allow no opposition groups eg client regimes throughout the Muslim world. Now one can raise questions about the HT's mission and disagree with their understanding of Khilafah, however to claim that they are a militant group is a lie, and thats exactly what Eltahway does using the straw man's argument. And I say this as an opponent of the Hizb-ut-Tahrir. You are entitled to your opinions Ms.Eltahawy, but not entitled to your own facts.

Abdullatif used the Koran to justify incitement to violence! And we still wonder why people associate Islam with violence?
So her point is that this set of cartoons is somehow "payback," ie it is perfectly rational to engage and incite such hateful garbage. Brilliant logic. Somebody ought take the metaphorical broomstick she rode in on and beat her senseless with it. This is the sort of third rate writing which gets people thrown out of journalism school. We all know perfectly well that long before the HT was on the scene, that such views were being expressed against Jews, the Roma(gypsies), and today its our turn, and we should suck it up according to her. Is it that hard to spell "Qur'an" instead of using "Koran"? But theres more!

Our offended sensibilities must not be limited to the Danish newspaper or the cartoonist, but to those like Fadi Abdullatif whose actions should be regarded as just as offensive to Islam and to our reverence for the prophet. Otherwise, we are all responsible for those Danish cartoons.
Just as offensive? Is this woman on crack? How many of you out there have ever heard of Fadi Abdullatif? Yeah me neither. More to the point what does a non-violent boycott(which she discourages)by Muslims worldwide have to do with Abdullatif's activities in Denmark? Absolutely NOTHING. Why didnt the Danish papers commision an artist to portray Abdullatif and the HT in a negative light if that were the case? Its clear Eltahaway is more sympathetic and understanding of Danish racism then its victims. What will happen to those poor Danish farmers? I'm sure if civil rights activists during the Montgomery bus boycott thought like this, they would still be riding in the back of the bus. Muslims did the right thing, they organized a grassroots boycott and here we are. The Danes and their supporters(including Eltahawy) know full well that this has nothing to do with "free speech," it is an exercise in power and humiliation. Inshallah our pocket books will be our answer, and no phoney "apology" will change our decision to do business elsewhere. Ahmed Nassef thinks those of us who are rightfully upset are no different then British soccer fans ie hooligans. I guess that that would make him a portable neocon restroom when he isnt being a fifth column psuedo-activist. The same applies to a pair of devolved dingo dog neocon affiliated Egyptian bloggers, you know who you are. As for Mona Eltahawy, she is a deplorable, dishonest presstitute for hire and an abject disgrace to her profession. A Helen Thomas she most certainly is not. The boycott is here to stay, so the indifferent spineless pro-regressive cowards can all go choke on a stick of danish butter for all I care.

The Boycott List

MPACUK has an extensive list of Danish and Norwegian products to boycott. Regardless of where you may be, spread the word out on the list. I think this is an excellent pro-active grassroots move against the EuroNazis. This vicious attack is the latest in a long line of salvos fueled by the Europe's descent into far right politics, and should be seen within the framework of European racism. Just look at the way the Roma are treated, and they've been in Europe for over a thousand years. The bastards knew what they were doing, so their "apology" claiming otherwise is disengenous at best. The "usual suspects" are now calling for a boycott of Muslim goods. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do so. But you can't can you? That oil is real "addicting" isnt it? Baba Ghanoush and Gulab Jamoons will have to take care of themselves.
Its really an act of common sense. We dont and shouldnt do business with those who dehumanize us and attack our faith. Enough talk, hit them where it their pocketbooks. Somehow we will survive without Danish milk and cheese, and other products from European socialist hell holes.