Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Executing Tookie

I'm actually for the death penalty, but cant reconcile myself with the fact that in America, it is determined more by race then by the actual crime. This doesnt mean Tookie should have been let go. What I dont understand is why let a guy be on deathrow for 26 YEARS only to execute him?
Then theres the pro and cons. People for Tookie dont seem to understand that writing childrens books cannot wipe someones slate clean. The Crips are responsible for the murder of thousands of people, and Tookie was one of its founders. Murder is murder, and thats not something which can be swept under the rug.
The kill-tookie crowd are the ones responsible for much of publicity surrounding the case, starting with a pair of racist neanderthanls on the AM dial with their distasteful "kill-tookie hour." I saw a heated debate on Larry King between Mike Farrel and jewish extremist Dennis Prager(of "5 questions for the Muslim world" fame). Like the typical mentally deranged zioNAZI Prager compared Tookie to Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichman while attempting to bully guests who did not agree with him. I wonder if Prager would compare the jewish terrorist who murdered a 12 year old Palestinian school girl with 17 bullets to the Nazis. I didnt think so. In the end, it didnt stop Tookie's execution. Who in their right mind would expect the Terminator to grant clemency? The debate on the death penalty will go on, but I cant shake the feeling that if Stanley "Tookie" Williams was white, he would be alive today and maybe even free.

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Allah's Slave said...

if tookie was white he would be chilling with charles manson, and george bush sr, and jr.