Friday, November 18, 2005

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Not guilty. The Israeli captain who put 17 bullets into a Palestinian schoolgirl

I said it once when this story was first reported, and I'll say it again now : evil murderous jewish bastards.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Angioplasty craze???

How about drinking more water, and adding a low dose aspirin tab each day?

Manufacturing controversy: The making of the non-event

Remember that article written by a pro-regressive shill lambasting ISNA posted on, the online meat market which had its own "meetup" that same labor day weekend? Turns out barely anybody showed up...less then 300 in a hall which seats 1200. Wonder how "Umbreen Shah" likes them apples...
This ofcourse is part of the larger phenomenon of the "non-event," essentially a get together of the like minded for...nothing. Its no different then meeting some friends at a restaurant and calling the whole affair an "event." Reminds me of my first and only proggie meetup. Take the "International Congress on Islamic Feminism" with the usual participants : Amina Wadud, Asra Nomani, Raheel Raza etc...they should have called it "The international congress of post-menopausal marxists and other remnents of post-colonial colonialism." Race baiter and one trick pony Wadud ended it with her signnature phony female-led prayer.....and nobody cared. Despite much hoopla, and good buzz from neocon friendly cranks....this little shindig failed to attract the sort of controversy and attention it organizers had sought.
We were all busy with Ramadan, and pretty much knew what sort of tripe to expect...the usual canard about reformation to make Islam more friendly and docile to western hegemony, "gender jihad" which had little to do with woman's issues other then concentrating political power etc. Sunni Sister pointed out a long time ago that the reasons you wont find issues of education, health care, housing etc in the discussion is because these affect Muslim men as well.
So what was this get together all about? Essentially, nothing but an excuse for aging feminist marxists and their fellow third world socialites to appear under one roof offering the same regurjitated platitudes.....too bad for them, nobody listened or cared. A true "non-event" if there ever was one.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ray Hanania's Halloween blues

Halloween's over now, but I did come across a rather shoddy article written by Ray Hanania about Muslims and Halloween. SunniSister and Izzy Mo corrected him and his responce was far less then polite. You can check out the fine details in the links provided, but one thing I have noticed in Hanania's writings over the years is lack of respect and knowledge when it comes to Muslims.

He also seems to suffer from some sort of complex about being a Palestinian Christian, and hates being mistaken for a Muslim. Reality check Ray, the majority of Palestinians are Muslim, as are the majority of Indians Hindu, so your anxiety about this is a tad bit disengenious. You would think that being a Palestinian he would atleast know a thing or two about the religion and customs of the majority of his people. I dont do Halloween, Hannukah, or Christmas just like you dont do Eid, Quanza, or Diwali, catch my drift? To proclaim that one is being "anti-american" for not dressing up and asking for candy is just plain stupid. Last time(or probably the only time) his name was in the news when racist Jackie Mason tossed him out of his standup routine. I would have done the same thing, only my reasoning would be that Hanania isnt remotely funny, but an ignorant, bitter middle aged man with a severe identity crisis disorder.
Pardon me while I "dress up" for Tarawih