Thursday, October 27, 2005

The DrM diet plan : Dinner

Ok, this is THE most important step, and perhaps the hardest one. For dinner, get a tall glass fill up to a 1/4 or 1/3 with bran, fill it up with non-fat milk. Heat it up twice in the microwave for 55 seconds each time with a 2 minute interval in between. If you want you can add a teaspoon of honey once its nice and hot. That's it. Thats your dinner.
Wait a minute....thats it?! Yep, the idea is to keep dinner as the lightest meal of the day, this is why you were given some liberties with lunch. All Bran is an excellent source of fiber, it not only occupies space in your stomach, it suppresses appetite and isnt digested. Its real function is to add bulk to stool, thereby slashing the risk of developing colon cancer, and yes, it aids greatly in reducing weight. Its better then Metamucil, and a lot cheaper, costing only $4 for a box which should last you a good 2 weeks.
So now you're thinking...I'm not having a glass of milk with some bran in it for dinner! No way!
Granted, this is not easy. But think about this, you're not taking any pills, whacky shakes, or gambling with shoddy fad diets. You're merely rearranging your eating habits with an extra light dinner. It should be done on a daily basis, but we all have our shortcomings, so you can occasionally cheat. Keep in mind, weight gain is a gradual process, and healthy weight loss should be gradual as well. Why am I so sure this works? Because I tried it on myself first and lost 40 lbs in a 6 month period. Infact, I didnt even notice it in the beginning until friends and family took note. Everybody who tried it lost weight. Here are the benefits :

Better sleep quality
Higher energy levels, less fatique
Decreased chances of diabetes/better management of diabetes
Decreased risk of heart disease and colon cancer

Ofcourse any healthy weight loss should be accompanyied by physical activity. Treadmills are expensive, but they are an excellent investment. Stay at home, walk while you watch TV and break a sweat. Its really about self discipline. I hope this information proves usefull, and I look forward to hearing from those who try this plan, and benefit from it, inshallah.


Leena said...

So what happens to the "family table" ideal -- of all the kids and parents meeting around a common meal? It would be kind of hard to set the table with just bran shakes...

I think you're very strong to have tried this. I will admit that there is likely no way I could ever commit to a dinner such as that, even though I fully recognize the benefits. (I think you'll find this typical.)

The "make dinner the lightest meal" idea goes against what has become the timeframe and culture of the average American home. How can we change that? Breakfast is almost (or even totally) eliminated in a huge number of households because everyone in the house is rushing and leaving at that time.

Dinner has been turned into the kind of situation where dad grabs McD's on the way home, mom makes a microwave dinner and kids snack until bedtime... We just have an unhealthy relationship with food. :-)

I think our general condition as a country reflects our attitude of not making our health a priority. I'm unsure if that will change any time soon... before we are *all* obese and diabetic.

Sorry for such long and drawn out comments, but this 'system' is very intriguing. :-)

DrMaxtor said...

Asalam Aliakum
I understand where you're coming from Leena. My entire point has been that unless people take responsibility and change, nothing will work. I frankly have a hard time understanding how people can be so cavalier about their own health...we're not getting any younger, and taking the iniative now will the difference.
Maybe you should try it once or twice a week.

Leena said...

I think most people have the attitude that "I'm going to die someday anyway, I might as well live as I like until then."

Your plan "may" (is it conclusively proven?) make people's lives a bit happier and maybe a bit longer, but we all have to die -- and what percentage of people grow into their 80s and 90s and have a pain-free existence and death? Doesn't 'being old' have effects, besides whatever health issues there are?

I have chosen a vegetarian and lower-calorie lifestyle (and I do love bran and fiber and all that!) But I am not looking for a fountain of youth and I accept that changing my diet may not actually do anything at all. Even though I make an effort, I can still get cancer, heart disease or diabetes...

Or be hit by a car.

I think most of us are too cynical and probably depressed to care for our own health!

Aoife said...

Salaams, DM,
I like the idea, but the timing isn't the best for a family. The only options for making lunch your main meal is the to be eating reheated food which gets old really fast or eating out (since most of the folks I know work in the daytime). How can this diet be tailored to a more working-family friend friendly system? There are benefits to the family meal at the end of a day where all its members are going in a thousand different directions.

BTW-- I've lost 15 lbs this Ramadan by just eating one meal a day. I wasn't trying to lose, but laying off the soda fountain and snack food does wonders as well for your general health.

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