Thursday, October 20, 2005

30 lbs in 30 days ?

You've seen this, posted here and there. Does it work? Sure, and it may just come with a heart attack in the process. Say what?! Ok, basically you're going to be given thyroid hormone pills which will put your metabolism into overdrive. Thyroid hormone is already made in the body, its those people who who have HYPOthyroidism who are usually given medication to bring their thyroid levels up, otherwise most people have normal thyroid function. Increased thyroid levels lead to increased expression of beta receptors on the heart, which will lead to increased blood pressure, increasing the risk of palpitations which may well lead to a heart attack. This is what happens to people who uncontrolled HYPERthroidism, so do you really want to increase your thyroid levels just to lose weight? If you do have low thyroid levels, let a doctor check it out and perscribe the appropriate medication.
Keep in mind that if your body loses more than 3 lbs a week, thats muscle wasting, so "30 lbs in 30 days" is a scam aimed at the desperate. Its tempting, but not worth it. There are safe ways of boosting the metabolism without resorting to such extreme measures...which I'll get into later...for now drink plenty of water.

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Leila M. said...

yeah, no probs there. Never done insta-dieting or really got into pill popping for weight loss.