Thursday, October 27, 2005

The DrM diet plan : Dinner

Ok, this is THE most important step, and perhaps the hardest one. For dinner, get a tall glass fill up to a 1/4 or 1/3 with bran, fill it up with non-fat milk. Heat it up twice in the microwave for 55 seconds each time with a 2 minute interval in between. If you want you can add a teaspoon of honey once its nice and hot. That's it. Thats your dinner.
Wait a minute....thats it?! Yep, the idea is to keep dinner as the lightest meal of the day, this is why you were given some liberties with lunch. All Bran is an excellent source of fiber, it not only occupies space in your stomach, it suppresses appetite and isnt digested. Its real function is to add bulk to stool, thereby slashing the risk of developing colon cancer, and yes, it aids greatly in reducing weight. Its better then Metamucil, and a lot cheaper, costing only $4 for a box which should last you a good 2 weeks.
So now you're thinking...I'm not having a glass of milk with some bran in it for dinner! No way!
Granted, this is not easy. But think about this, you're not taking any pills, whacky shakes, or gambling with shoddy fad diets. You're merely rearranging your eating habits with an extra light dinner. It should be done on a daily basis, but we all have our shortcomings, so you can occasionally cheat. Keep in mind, weight gain is a gradual process, and healthy weight loss should be gradual as well. Why am I so sure this works? Because I tried it on myself first and lost 40 lbs in a 6 month period. Infact, I didnt even notice it in the beginning until friends and family took note. Everybody who tried it lost weight. Here are the benefits :

Better sleep quality
Higher energy levels, less fatique
Decreased chances of diabetes/better management of diabetes
Decreased risk of heart disease and colon cancer

Ofcourse any healthy weight loss should be accompanyied by physical activity. Treadmills are expensive, but they are an excellent investment. Stay at home, walk while you watch TV and break a sweat. Its really about self discipline. I hope this information proves usefull, and I look forward to hearing from those who try this plan, and benefit from it, inshallah.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Just incase you thought I was making it all up....

The DrM diet plan : Lunch

Ok, here comes the easy part. For lunch, you can eat ANYTHING, provided its one serving ONLY, desert not included. So no all-you-can-pig-out-buffets. Vegetables and fruits are recommended. Remember if you have to consume soda, make it diet. Dont worry, dinner's right around the corner....

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The DrM diet plan : Breakfast

I was going to post it all up, but I've decided to do it in parts, breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of the worst things you can do to yourself is skip breakfast. Many people unfortunetly do this, and it really gets the day off to a bad start.
No breakfast, heavy lunch and heavier dinner = obesity. It should be the other way round, with dinner being the lightest meal of the day. But lets stick to breakfast, heres my recommendation :

1) A lukewarm glass of water with a teaspoon of honey dissolved in it.
2) A nice sizable cup of coffee (use splenda as a substitute to sugar)
3) A banana
4) And if you still want more, throw in a half a grape fruit(UNLESS you are on anti-cholesterol medcation).

Pretty straight forward, yes? You want some answers? Coffee stimulates the gasterointestinal system, thereby inducing an early morning bowel movement, getting the junk out of your system. The banana is a rich source of potassium and light fiber which gives you that boost of energy in conjunction with the coffee. The grape fruit is a rich source of vitamin C and lowers cholesterol naturally, but its consumption is optional, people with a history of stomach ulcers, anti-cholesterol medication usage, and heartburn should NOT do take it.
Its a light breakfast, and you ought to try it. Notice that there are no eggs, butter, jam or meat present. This leads us to lunch portion of the plan.......

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Great ZioNAZI quotes : Check out this.........

......statement made by the former Israeli prime minister, Yitzhak Shamir, in reference to the African nations who voted in support of the 1975 U.N. resolution, which denounced Zionism as a form of racism. He said, "It is unacceptable that nations made up of people who have only just come down from the trees should take themselves for world leaders ... How can such primitive beings have an opinion of their own?" (Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot, November 14, 1975).

And the point of this is? That Israel isnt racist?

Friday, October 21, 2005

So what exactly is diabetes?

Despite the fact that diabetes mellitus is sharply on the upswing, particularly amongst younger kids, it seems a lot of people dont know what the disease is about. Diabetes comes from a Greek word that means to siphon. The most obvious sign of diabetes is excessive urination. Water passes through the body of a person with diabetes as if it were being siphoned from the mouth through the urinary system out of the body. Mellitus comes from a Latin word that means sweet like honey. The urine of a person with diabetes contains extra sugar (glucose. In 1679, a physician tasted the urine of a person with diabetes and described it as sweet like honey. Diabetes mellitus starts with the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin, the hormone which regulates sugar. It is a multifactorial disease, Type 1 diabetics(15% of cases) dont produce ANY insulin, so they need to inject themselves with it. Type 2(85% of cases)diabetes produce decreased insulin, this can be managed by diet and/or medication. Poorly managed type 2 diabetics cease the ability to produce any insulin and become type 1 diabetics.
High sugar levels and the inability of the body to keep it in check damages blood vessels, thereby limiting circulation starting with the vessels furthest away from the heart. Oppotunistic infections also thrive in this environment of poorly managed diabetes. Bored yet? Basically the onset of gangrene and the threat of sepsis will lead to surgical intervention eg. amputation. Depressing aint it? Well it doesnt end there. Eventually the heart and kidneys are affected as well. Heres a few facts :

Most common cause of death amongst diabetics : Kidney failure
Most common cause of blindness in the US : diabetes
Most common candidates who undergo amputation : diabetics

You can look up more details by googling it. While theres a great selection of medication available, it is ultimetely change in lifestyle which turns the tide.
Like regular soda? Too bad, you're going to have to go diet(despite the controversy over aspartame, its better to switch). Got a pot belly? You're almost guarenteed DM2 in the future. Get active. Dont go renting the Taebo collection yet. Start walking, or better yet, get a treadmill, watch TV while walking. No fast food, period. Footcare is an absolute must for diabetics. Wash your feet every night and apply lotion, or some olive oil, make sure the skin is hydrated. So is there a cure for diabetes. NOPE. There is positive buzz that stomach stapling is an excellent way to lose weight and control blood sugar. I think they are smoking crack. Dont get me wrong, there are certain individuals who need gastric bypass surgery like the poor dude who didnt leave his house in seventeen years, but its not a good idea for most people. This method has unfortunetly been glamorized by Hollywood(tHey should have stapled Roseanne's mouth along with her stomach IMHO) Keep in mind that different parts of the stomach have different functions, and doctors will, in the future have to deal with long term complications of such a radical procedure. This leads to(drum roll) the DrM plan which is the next blog entry.....

Thursday, October 20, 2005

30 lbs in 30 days ?

You've seen this, posted here and there. Does it work? Sure, and it may just come with a heart attack in the process. Say what?! Ok, basically you're going to be given thyroid hormone pills which will put your metabolism into overdrive. Thyroid hormone is already made in the body, its those people who who have HYPOthyroidism who are usually given medication to bring their thyroid levels up, otherwise most people have normal thyroid function. Increased thyroid levels lead to increased expression of beta receptors on the heart, which will lead to increased blood pressure, increasing the risk of palpitations which may well lead to a heart attack. This is what happens to people who uncontrolled HYPERthroidism, so do you really want to increase your thyroid levels just to lose weight? If you do have low thyroid levels, let a doctor check it out and perscribe the appropriate medication.
Keep in mind that if your body loses more than 3 lbs a week, thats muscle wasting, so "30 lbs in 30 days" is a scam aimed at the desperate. Its tempting, but not worth it. There are safe ways of boosting the metabolism without resorting to such extreme measures...which I'll get into later...for now drink plenty of water.

The DrM weight loss plan: An introduction to a holistic approach of tackling weight issues(not to mention preventing heart attacks and diabetes)

While I've been meaning to blog about this for the past year or so, something always dissuaded or distracted me, until now. I was checking out Sister Scorpian's blog the other day where she cites her personal health struggles. So what better time then Ramadan to put my soon-to-be-famous weight loss plan up? As hard as it is for some of you to believe, I actually am an MD fresh out of medical school and one of the reasons I am so confident about my approach to the battle of bulge is that I've tried it on myself and lost nearly 40 lbs. I've done research on Metabolic syndrome(formerly known as pre-diabetes syndrome) and currently work at a diabetes research center in California. Its rather personal, I've lost two family members to diabetes and heart disease, my father himself is a type 2 diabetic(and the best managed one alhamdulilah). So what exactly is Metabolic sysndrome ? Essentially this is a loose term given to high risk factors such as family history of diabetes and/or heart disease, lab tests of LDL, HDL, Triglycerides etc. This set of protocols was developed to catch an individual before they got hit, and make no mistake a lot of us will get this condition. Thats where my plan(I'm begining to sound like John Kerry) comes in.
Before I divulge the details, a number of sobering observations need to be made.

If you're an American, chances are you are overweight. Recently, a woman sued a doctor for calling her obese. This means that I myself will get sued at some point because I believe in telling it as it is. Many people die from lack of food, Americans die from an overabundance of it. No, it is not your metabolism, its that crunch bar in your back pocket. You should be more horrified at the prospect of dying relatively young instead of being upset of being told the truth. How about genetics? Uh NO. Look at people from 50 years back, were they as obese? Lets be real, the fate of your waist line is largely determined by what you stuff your face with. Am I done bashing you yet? Not really, the first thing to do is to take charge, which means no more silly excuses about metabolism, genes etc. Now granted, there are certain genetic traits which are expressed more in some people then others, excluding explicit genetic disorders, but you are responsible for your condition.

How about those fad diets? How about Atkins? Back when I was a medical student, the Atkins craze was all over the place. I was constantly at odds with many people over the long term effect of Atkins. In case you didnt know they went bankrupt this year.
Think about it for a minute, does it sound right to restrict an entire food group in your diet? Isnt there something fishy about being to told eat anything but carbohydrates? Well, I do know people who lost weight on Atkins, lots of weight....which they gained back in a few months. I will not be surprised to hear in the coming months and years of serious kidney problems amongst those people who still adhere to Atkins. This will happen because the kidneys cannot handle the high protein intake. Do you really want to eat so much meat? Acording to the the late Dr.Atkins' autopsy, his arteries were like sausages, even though his death was caused by a fall. Ever wonder why the Japanese, who have the highest life expectency can eat rice and stay in decent shape? They dont eat as much!
Bottom line? Fad diets simply dont work, and are not viable on a long term basis.

Looking for a good doctor? Go look in the mirror, theres your ultimate health care provider(excluding Allah(swt) ofcourse). You know how you feel, you know your weaknesses and strengths. Even if you have a great MD to give you excellent care, at the end of the day you're just another patient out of hundreds seen by your doctor. Dont expect help someone else to help if you dont want to help yourself. Why the heck am I blabbing on about this? I mean, isnt this common sense? Yes it is, and unfortunetly its not as common as you may think. Reality and confidence are not something which can be bought from a pharmacy. Keep it real.

So what made me serious about this issue? Yes I was a bit overweight, even though you couldnt really tell on my 6'1 frame. Yes, I have a family history of diabetes and heart disease, but that doesnt necessarily mean I'll get it, right? What really drove the point home for me was seeing patients at different stages of the disease process. Trust me folks, theres only so many amputations, so much gangrene and kidney failure you see before wondering if you're next. The worst part of it is that much of it is PREVENTABLE. Dont get me wrong, if you are on a regimen per doctors orders, stick to it, I am simply advocating a more global approach to a multi-faceted pathology. It may not work as well for you as it did for me, depending on age, BMI and a host of other factors, but I can guarentee you that you'll feel a hell of a lot better.

I've got other work to do, so I'll stop here. If any of this semi-rant made sense, let me know and I'll post some more information on the next step to better health.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Breast Cancer breakthrough

Sounds good to me.
Keep in mind, that 1 out of 10 females will get it, making it one of the highest cancer rates around. The average age of diagnosis, according to Robbins pathology text is 64!
While any breakthrogh in research is welcome, prevention is the way to go, and there are ways of atleast decreasing the risk factors.
Checking for lumps, and balanced eating habits is a good start, and it never too early to get a free mamogram.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Suhoor at Denny's

One of the toughest aspects of Ramadan for me is the realignment of eating and sleeping hours. Particularly around midnight when I get the munchies. So I decided to go to Denny's....I was tired. straight out of the night shift at the hospital. I must have been on crack to go Denny's, which has a dubious reputation when it comes minority customers.
The place is packed. I take a seat and glance through the menu...pretty much everything is fortified with ham, so it was fish and chips for me. While waiting, I found that I was in an unofficial white sociology class. Listening to the conversations around me confirmed a number of theories I have about American caucasians :

1) The American white man is a very bold creature. Dont take that as a compliment, what I mean to say is, that they're nuts. You couldnt get me drunk enough to jump off a porch, yet these guys are talking about taking their grandmothers out for sky diving.

2) "Dude, Chris puked in my car, it was awesome, man." No, I didnt make this up, theres something about body fluids and voiding them which white people find immensely entertaining. I can tell you for a fact that if Chris was in a black dude or Mexican's car, he'd be violently rolling down the street.

3) Lets just say white folk are over-sexed. Its Ramadan, so I'm not going to go into the details of what I had heard. The only thing I can add is that theres a reason why various paraphilias are so common.

My fish and chips arrived, I ate, paid and made myself scarce. The moral of the story? Dont go to Denny's after midnight....thats when the crazy white people come out. But if you have no choice, get it to go.

Grendizer turns 30

Yep, those in the Arab world, Italy, France(ugh) know what I'm talking about.