Wednesday, September 07, 2005

MWU & Naseeb, irrelevent co-conspirators, the online desi meat market made by outcasts for outcasts has now come full circle with MWU. In yet another example of tabloid pro-regressive Muslim journalism Umbreen Shah writes about "ISNA thugs," posted on both websites.
I have my own little criticisms of ISNA, for instance allowing the sycophants from "Muslims for Bush" to have their own stall in ISNA 2004. Its the standard pro-regressive tactics, ie attacking any and all Muslim organizations who dont pander to neocon-friendly extremist left wing politics. This sad excuse of an article goes on with the usual garbage about conservatives, immigrant leaders, cultural baggage blah blah blah. The sort of polemic which most of us answered and refuted long ago, you know stuff like this :

"These organizations are run by immigrants with cultural baggage"

So what if they are immigrants ? "Cultural baggage" is the adherence to the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet(pbuh). Speaking of immigrants, arent Ahmed Nassef, Omid Safi, Tarek Fatah, Irshad Manji, Raheel Raza, Monis Rahman(Naseeb CEO) all immigrants? And what about their western cultural baggage which they try to force on the community ? No, I dont think immigration is an issue.

"Only 10% of Muslim Americans attended ISNA this year"

Which is appox. 700000 people. This is roughly 699900 more then the people who attended phony Friday prayers with Amina Wadud. How many people showed up for the "naseeb meetup" ? 0.0001% of Muslim Americans ? Sounds like sour grapes to me.

"African-Americans are underrepresented"

Ever heard of the Muslim American society? Mahdi Bray? Oh but he's not a pro-regressive is he, so he doesnt count. So exactly how many African Americans are in the PMNUA or MWU ?

In conclusion, Umbreen Shah's tirade against ISNA is nothing but a hotch potch regurjitation of old refuted smear attacks against legitimate Muslim organizations. Its a shake down by extremists who are frustrated at their inability to implement "reforms" at the behest of RAND, neocons and those who mean the Muslim community no good. I dont know about ISNA, but I am sick of pro-regressive thugs and delinquents smearing Islam.


altaf said...

Salaam I was at ISNA this year, my first time... given all the negativity i'd heard, I was half expecting some kinda "religious police" watching from every corner...! Hardly!

ISNA is very relaxed in just about every way... heck most folks don't even go to the panels - they go there to meet other Muslims - of many different kinds.

OK it is definitely South Asian heavy, and they can do more to include African Americans and women on their boards... But there were a number of African American Imams who showed up, gave talks in the main sessions, and in panels.

Amongst those Imam Talib (Harlem) Imam Zaid Shakir (he looked really tired at the end, they were taking him from panel to another) Imam Mahdi Brey (you mentioned him) Imam Siraj Wahaj these I can remember off the top of my head... I'm sure there were more...

Yeah, they need to improve in various areas --- but the way MWU/Naseeb has potrayed ISNA is like they are a bunch of demagogue fanatics (you know, neo-salafi/wahabbi types).

The convention is a lot like a mela (holiday fair) that are held in places like Pakistan - where everyone comes together to have a good enjoyable time... Except that with ISNA, if you wanna get some education you can do that as well... and they did have a pretty diverse group of speakers as well... even within panels giving opposing views.

Yes, it can improve in many areas... but for these guys, nothing will be enough - I guess i should do a blog on this...


Calm_cool_collected said...


Great points and rebuttals of the "pro-regressive" movement.

I never even considered the fact that many of their starlets are immigrants themselves.

Thanks for mentioning it.

JD said...

Dr. M wrote: "...who dont pander to neocon-friendly extremist left wing politics."

Left wing? I'd have said right wing!

DrMaxtor said...

Actually JD I meant "left wing." Neocons are socially liberal, particularly when it comes to promoting left wing extremists in the Musim community. Ironic isnt it ? Hardliners looking for "moderates."

Sheherzade said...

The thing is, Naseeb published articles from ISNA too. And Umbreen Shah's article was pretty balanced. You really haven't come up with a solid arguement.

ISNA could be more than it is. Lets call a spade a spade.

DrMaxtor said...

Correction Sheherzade,
To date I've only seen one article posted in favor of ISNA. Its one thing to have criticism, its another to lie through your teeth like Shah did. I dont know how you find her shoddy article balanced. Naseeb has also posted several articles in the past by Islamophobes like Manji and Shwartz, and tends to be heavily biased towards pro-regressive propagandists of the PMUNA and MWU. IF thats what they want to do, fine with me, just dont claim to be "connecting Muslims together." Indeed lets all a spade a spade, or in this particular case irrelevent co-conspirators.

Umm Zaid said...

Salaam 'Alaikum

I don't see where Ms. Shah's article (I'm assuming the writer is a woman; apologies if not) is "balanced." Sheila Musaji pointed out numerous blatant falsehoods contained in it (not that Musaji's refutation is perfect either).

Last time I checked, the only thing on this Earth that was perfect is the Qur'an. That means ISNA's not perfect, and I'm not sure why anyone expects it to be. MWU / PMUNA / Naseeb are criticizing the ISNA-ites for being... human, having human foibles, and making mistakes. Who doesn't need room for improvement?

However, the reason it's so ridiculous when PMUNAWUseeb does it is because they allow no criticism, even constructive criticism from within, of their mistakes by anyone -- hence the mass exodus this summer.

And FTR, I'm not an ISNA fan, although I would consider going to their convention one year for the bazaar and perhaps some of the panel discussions.

johnnytsunami said...

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