Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The lies of Amir Taheri

The Neocons favorite pet Iranian prevaricator Amir Taheri is at it again. This time, claiming the hijab and beard have nothing to do with Islam. For those who dont know Taheri is an Iranian monarchist and a remnent of the terrorist Shah regime, nowadays he is one of the attractions of the "Benador associates," a motley circus of zionist lowlives. Thats him with Eleana Benador. All smiles isnt he ?

Check this out :

I'd like to add since Taheri and other remnents of the Shah regime are so gung ho about regime change, let them be sent first in the theatre of operations. Oh, but they're much too old for combat you, if they want war let them take the initiative. I'm sure their kids are old enough for the job. Send in the yellow elephants already.


arafee said...

He is so crazy. Why doesn't he backup his claim? If hijab is not mandatory, why the hell muslim women wear it for the past 1400 years. Plus what about Mary AS???

Kashif said...

For some bizarre reason the brothers in Manchester,UK refer to Amir Taheri as Fred Singh!? haha.

Its definitely related to what he writes in his column in The Times newspaper.