Wednesday, July 27, 2005

And speaking of lowlives......

What Iranian lefties thinks about Taheri and co.


altaf said...

salaam - lets also check out what "Iranian leftists" think about some other things --- two sides of the same useless coin!

From the article you linked too..

"We are proud to be the only political tendency on the planet which hailed the 1979 Soviet Red Army intervention in Afghanistan in the war against CIA-backed Islamic cutthroats. We condemned Gorbachev's withdrawal of the troops..."

These people will use the same methods as the neo-cons so long as it suits their purposes --- now, tell me bro. who does this remind you off...?

DrMaxtor said...

Waliakum Asalam,
Right you are Altaf. But keep in mind that communism is pretty much finished. It was an evil western ideology which collapsed on its own failures. Its not surprising that commies continue to live in delusion. Interestingly enough, neocons are all former communists, as are the pro-regressive Muslims.
That being said, the article does contain some very good information on Taheri and his pals. Take it with a grain of salt.