Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Its official, Tantawi is nuts

Egypt's Sheikh Tantawi is now supporting Uzbekistan's dictator "Islam" Karimov. The esteemed Sheikh has supported other progressive causes like supporting hijab bans, legalization of interest, and support for the puppet Iraqi government. Sounds like a real go getter doesnt he ? Hey Al-Azhar, time for a little excommunication. Deport this dollar scholar to some neocon infested "think tank" where he can serve his masters face to face.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Kurdistan ?

Aint happening folks. Heres a number of reasons why...

1) Turkey

2) Iran

3) The U.S. why ? Because the kurds are fooling themselves if they think Uncle Sam came all the way to Iraq to "liberate" them. The fact of the matter is Kurds were betrayed before by the US, and they will be betrayed again. I'm sorry to tell you that they dont care about the gassing by Saddam, hell they gave the man the gas to begin with. They dont care about you. You'll be used and discarded when you've served your purpose.

4) Kurdish leadership. Being that the leadership of the kurds is FULL of hardline criminals, terrorists and tribalists. One question the Kurds must ask themselves is, given the way their leadership has conducted itself as a bunch of power hungry charlatans disloyal to their native soil....can they expect nations like Iran, Turkey to trust their respective kurdish populations ? Infact the opposite is true that Kurds are suffering greatly because of their leadership.
The kurds unfortunetly have degerated from the great warriors like Salahudin, who liberated Jerusalem to a corrupt nationalists like Barzani and Talabani, who sold their struggle.