Friday, March 18, 2005

What's next Dr.Wadud ???

So Dr.Amina Wadud has led Friday prayers. Break out the champane everybody, its a historic day for Islam. All the problems facing our dear sisters have simply vanished, there are no more hijab bans, no more hate crimes, no more racial profiling. But there was plenty of media attention, and theres nothing like free PR, especially from those usually bash Islam and Muslims. Bottom feeder Ahmed Nassef is particularly happy, a sheikh from Al-Azhar has given his approval for woman leading prayer. Interestingly enough, Al-Azhar was bashed by MWU just a couple of days ago. For those who dont know Al-Azhar has another sheikh who supports discrimination against Muslim woman in Europe, that should tell us plenty about the state of some of Al-Azhar's rent-a-sheikhs.
But thats not all, terrorist-supporting right wing American blogs have also given their blessing to Dr.Wadud. Thats right ! These extremists who normally support terrorism against Muslims are delighted that Wadud is leading jummah. If only there were more woman like this around than those pesky wahabees the say. If only more Muslims were publishing soft-porn like that failed academic from Arkansas. Or how about that confused character who stink palms people at Islamic conventions ? Did I forget to mention a certain unrepentent adultress without a job or a life who wants to run the local masjid like it was her kitchen ?

Reality check insects,
1) No one believes anti-Muslim scum like the inbred lgf crowd sincerly view Wadud and her associates as "good Muslims." To them, they're just usefull idiots to be discarded later.

2) Islam cannot be changed, no matter what these stalgamites want or do.

3) So have as many of these phoney fridays you want proggies, we all know this is salad dressing for kafirs to lavish false praise on you. You arent fooling anyone.

4) Since when did folks who never set foot in the masjid became so serious about jummah ? Probably to get those cameras in their faces, not to mention checking each other out in rukuh and sajdah. What else do you expect from those who get off on porn ?


Hasan the Not-So-Great said...

yes!! finally some one else speaks out against it. that makes about 5 bloggers that i know about so far

DrMaxtor said...

Asalamu Aliakum Hasan,
Thanks for the encouragement. Like your blog BTW.