Monday, March 21, 2005

The Vision of a Blind Woman

This beautiful sister has more sense and maturity than all the regressive hacks at mwu put together.


crossfader72 said...

gosh. you really love MWU don't you? wow.

ajsuhail said...

Cross fader,

At least Dr M is allowing you to post your inane, senseless and trite comments on his site.More than can be said about that impostor Nassef and his cohorts at MWU who are so petrified of an alternative opinion that they ban comments from those who oppose them.

And perhaps the reason the garbage you post on MWU as Abu Fatoush is allowed is they prefer the chaff to the grain.

Dr M I am still waiting for your report on the proggie meeting you attended.Must have been a whole lot of trash talking going on.That is one of the few things they are good at.Apart from beating up on Hijabi women and Bearded men and getting their kicks from supporting same sex marriages.

DrMaxtor said...

crossfader72 is abu fatoush ?!!? Man, that is truly whack, and sad. Anyway AJ, I did post my report on the meetup encounter. I think I did it about 2 weeks ago om LT