Monday, March 07, 2005

Conman Nassef smears Ingrid Mattson

The ever slimy head of MWU must be desperate. Not content with smearing Muslim civil rights groups, the mendacious masri has now targeted Dr. Ingrid Mattson, director of Islamic Chaplaincy and Professor at the Macdonald Center for Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations at Hartford Seminary in Hartford, CT. She also happens to be vice-president of ISNA. Nassef feels that Mattson got this position by merely being a woman "rolled out" by ISNA to show how it was "woman-friendly."
Dr.Mattson did the unforgivable by referring to MWU and its third rate hacks as "those who have gone to extremes." Hmmmmm, sounds accurate to me, since endorsing gay marriage isnt exactly considered halal. Nassef also highlights Asra Nomani and Mona Eltahawy as the sort of woman who are "pioneers" within the Muslim community. Who ??? Asra Nomani = A bitter middle aged unrepentent adultress trying to make a name for herself by smearing her local masjid. Mona Eltahawy = a journalist for the third rate Asharq al-Awsat. She's been endorsed by Paul Wolfowitz, and makes appearances on Bill "phone-sex" O'Reilly's show and other equally revolting programs. Pardon me for not rolling out the red carpet. And dont even get me started on race baiter and coward Amina Wadud.
FOX-friendly Nassef also cites the questionable survey showing that only 10% of American Muslims attend the masjid. This, in his devolved mind is an endorsement of reactionary leftist extremism MWU espouses and a rejection of what scholars like Mattson represent. Whats really going on here ? Easy folks, the RAND lackey has a problem with strong Muslim woman who define their own identity within the confines of the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh). Its even worse that she's a revert, the type of Muslim very familiar with the workings of the jahiliyah mindset so common at MWU. Whats more, since Nassef possesses neither the intelligence nor courage to take on a towering figure like Mattson, he does the next best "pro-regressive" thing and that is taking cheap shots at her on his website.

What a shameless and shallow degenerate you are, Ahmed Nassef.


shamil said...


While I have no love for MWU I think Dr Mattson is equally dubious. I'm pretty sure she's a modernist type rather than a traditional sunni.

DrMaxtor said...

Dont be so hasty Shamil. Dr.Mattson is certainly not a pro-regressive, I think you should get familiar with her work before passing judgement on her.

shamil said...

Well I'm just worried that we're giving these "progressives" too much time when some of them quite clearly state things that put them outside of islam.

I'm more worried about modernists who try to be accepted by mainstream muslims like Stephen Schwartz and Azzam Tamimi not "progressives" who are obviously always gonna be a fringe because of the unacceptability of their ideas.

izzymo said...

Ha! I choose you to interview. Get in the game Dr. MaX. Oh, Living Tradition misses you. Drop a post other there some time. :) Check my blog for your questions. Good bit on Ingrid Mattson. Character assassination is defintely their forte.

ajsuhail said...

Dr M,

Right on brother!You the man, definitely.

And calling Nassef a slimeball was way too charitable.I have other names which unfortunately I cannot use

By the way you and I need to start contributing to living tradition more regularly.Risama and Sunni sister are doing all the work now.

DrMaxtor said...

Thanks for the kind words AJ. Inshallah I do have some juicy material from that proggie meeting I went to in California...which I'll be putting up soon.
Keep in mind I'm nowhere close to either Riasma or LT when it comes to writing good posts. Theres that matter of being a 4th year med student which is crazy as well. Patience please, lol.