Saturday, December 31, 2005

Top ten pro-regressive Moslim idiots of 2005

2005 is nearly over, and in the spirit of cooperation and spreading good communitst vibes I've put together a list of the most obnoxious, fake and divisive individuals from the proggie movement.

10) Jawad Ali of the MWU poofter division slandered Muslim Fest amongst other Muslim themed events which didnt cater his pro-regressive nonsense. Ali claimed that there was a lack of female participation when in fact half of the organizers were woman. This act of decepetion lands mwu's resident fruit at number ten.

9), the online desi meat market aka a website for outcasts by outcasts tried to steal some of ISNA's thunder this year by hosting its own "meetup" at the same time. It didnt go as planned with the "meetup" failing miserably. In true pro-regressive fashion Naseeb ran an vicious and factually incorrect article in its vibes section titled "ISNA thugs" written by some tool named "Umbreen Shah." It also appeared on mwu. All this, while neocon ratfinks were slamming ISNA as well. Don’t even get me started on Irshad Manji and Stephen Schwartz’s articles. This act of petty partisanship and nepotism lands and its bigwigs at number nine.

8) Exiled and deported Iranians in an act of political transvestitsm have now become "human rights advocates." We all know that communists with blood stained hands make great human rights activists don’t we? Many of these heavily accented green card fame seeking Ahmed Chalabi wannabees are not content merely with peddling misinformation on woman’s rights in Islam but also building a bipartisan consensus to launch a war against Iran with neocon blessings ofcourse. They worked hand in hand with pro-regressive slimeballs against allowing Muslims access to religious arbitration to settle disputes, which was already available to Jews and Christians. Comrade Stalin and Chairman Mao would no doubt be proud with having the Arjomands, Darabis, and hordes of other exiled criminals and charlatans holed up in the west at number eight.

7) Mohja Kahf, MWU’s resident pornographer is quiet these days. I guess the shock value of writing crappy articles which would normally make the grade at Hustler wore off. Or perhaps it’s the cancellation of HBOs “Sex and the City” which Kahf admits inspired her in the first place. I suppose she’ll have to steal what she can from “Desperate housewives,” till something better comes along which leaves her at number seven.

6) Muhammed Ali Hasan, the calamity of birth known as the manchild behind “Muslims for Bush,” aka “Corrupt Pakistani Charlatans for Bush” normally would not make this list. I would not give him the attention he so desperately craves. What makes him number six is not that he was zero credibility, or that he set up a pro-Bush booth at ISNA 2004(which was rightfully vandalized), but the fact that he authored the worst possible article on titled “Stop Blaming Bush” for the unacceptably slow response towards the Hurricane Katrina tragedy. Even Naseeb’s sheep found the article insensitive, insulting and devoid of facts. But that’s not all. Hasan could not even muster up the courage to criticize his hometown congressman( Tom “anti-immigration” Tancredo) for Islamophobic remarks. How great would it be if Hasan was sent to Iraq, I can only imagine the words he would have for Dubya then.

5) Michael Muhammed Knight, unlike many of his peers can actually write, but it’s a real shame that he doesn’t put it to good use. Knight comes off as a deeply conflicted soul not knowing what he wants or what to do, spending time with pseudo-Islamic cults like the “Nation of Gods and Earths.” He insists that he isn’t a pro-regressive despite what the URL to his blog states, or the people who he hangs out with. He makes the list for his filthly words against the Prophet (pbuh). Normally this would secure him the number one spot, but we have to remember that the jerk isn’t a Muslim to begin with. Did I mention that Knight has collaborated with the likes of Islamophobes like Ibn Warraq and Ali Sina? He claims this was done inadvertently. In light of numerous shenanigans at ISNA as well as impersonating Ibrahim Hooper from CAIR, I just don’t believe Mr.Knight and sincerely hope someone tosses him back in the dumpster he crawled out from.

4) A lot of words come to my mind when I hear the name Asra Nomani : clueless, patronizing, bitter, but above all a LIAR. Already known for her friendship to slain reporter Daniel Pearl, Nomani decided that she wanted to boost her profile even more by making demonstrably false and misleading statements about the Morgantown masjid. The unrepentant adulteress ran for a position on the masjid board and pulled a Nixon when she realized she couldn’t win. Bitter and angry, she starts making claims of inequality at the masjid in addition to citing that her daddy contributed financially to the masjid. Oh I see, so that means that whenever I cant have my way at my local masjid, I can make ridiculous demands, phony claims and even drag a camera crew there because I stuffed a few dollars in the donation box. It’s this sort of convoluted logic which places the disgusting Nomani at number four. If only RU-486 was available in Pakistan…..

3) Amina “the Quran gives me the ability to say no to it” Wadud is many things, obscure academic, race baiter and munafiq extraordinaire, but what put her on this list is leading phony Fridays prayers in a desperate attempt to put pro-regressive Moslims on the map. For a group known its cavalier rejection of the Sunnah of the Prophet(pbuh), it was odd that they would use Hadith, and a weak one at that to justify their innovation in religion. If that wasn’t enough, they went on to claim that a scholar from Al-Azhar supported this act which turned out to be false. Praying for show did get media attention, all 30 seconds of it, gleeful endorsement from ignorant non-Muslims and those who don’t mean the community any good. It may have boosted their profile for a brief period, but to Muslims around the world, this little publicity stunt merely confirmed that these people were munafiqs. Female led prayers are rejected by all sects, schools of Fiqh, scholars and pretty much anyone with a brain cell or two who see it for the aberration that it is. With a swift kick in the kaboose while in ruku we lauch Ms.Wadud into the stratosphere at number three.

2) The snake oil salesman of the pro-regressive bowel movement and MWU supremo Ahmed Nassef is a busy man. The mendacious masri has spent the last few years desperately trying to sideline established Muslim civil rights groups with outrageous claims and misinformation. With his multiple appearances on FOX, CNN, MSNBC and other highly impartial news outlets, Nassef has claimed that CAIR is conservative (defending civil rights is conservative?!), that masjids harbor extremists and pretty much any load of horse manure which is music to the ears of Islamophobes. Universally disliked to the point where some have referred to him as Dajjal ( Nassef continues to publish shallow crappy articles on MWU, even asking pointers from Cheryl Bernard, the author of the infamous RAND corporation report calling for the fragmentation of Islam. Who could possibly top this candidate for an involuntary lobotomy? Who else but..... ……

1) ……......the Brad Pitt(scroll down to read the interview) of the pro-regressive movement. None other then Tarek “I’m Tarek Fatah” Fatah. Why is he our numero uno idiot? Simply because Fatah represents what the pro-regressive Moslim movement is truly about : aging and unaccomplished sub-marxists and virtual atheists from third world countries with a life long inferiority complex and a desire to be accepted, even at the cost of the religion which they don’t believe in. Fatah is infamous even among his own as a notorious egomaniac and control freak. Thanks to him the PMNUA was shattered in less then a year with resignations all around( that’s a good thing mind you). Maybe he wouldn't be such a Jerk-In-The-Box if he didn't eat all those paint chips and lead pencils when he was a kid, if he weren't so fat that buildings bounce when he hauls his sumo wrestler mass down the street. Yeah I know, that’s real mean and all…but I really cant say anything nice about a charlatan who is working hard to make Canadian Muslims second class citizens, denying them equality under the law afforded to other religious groups. Mr.Fatah, in the spirit of Christmas I’d like to express this from the bottom of my heart : You are a piteously lecherous sycophant and a frightful, enema-addicted festering boil on the butt of humanity. You are an egregiously insufferable plebeian and a gluttonous, nostril-offending mutilation of decency. You are a precociously witless mouth breather and a belligerent, all-defiling deplorable calamity of birth. Other then that he's a swell guy. Try not to make the list next year curly.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Free Ipods ?!!?

Yeah, its for real. Definetly NOT a scam. Click it already dummy.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Executing Tookie

I'm actually for the death penalty, but cant reconcile myself with the fact that in America, it is determined more by race then by the actual crime. This doesnt mean Tookie should have been let go. What I dont understand is why let a guy be on deathrow for 26 YEARS only to execute him?
Then theres the pro and cons. People for Tookie dont seem to understand that writing childrens books cannot wipe someones slate clean. The Crips are responsible for the murder of thousands of people, and Tookie was one of its founders. Murder is murder, and thats not something which can be swept under the rug.
The kill-tookie crowd are the ones responsible for much of publicity surrounding the case, starting with a pair of racist neanderthanls on the AM dial with their distasteful "kill-tookie hour." I saw a heated debate on Larry King between Mike Farrel and jewish extremist Dennis Prager(of "5 questions for the Muslim world" fame). Like the typical mentally deranged zioNAZI Prager compared Tookie to Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichman while attempting to bully guests who did not agree with him. I wonder if Prager would compare the jewish terrorist who murdered a 12 year old Palestinian school girl with 17 bullets to the Nazis. I didnt think so. In the end, it didnt stop Tookie's execution. Who in their right mind would expect the Terminator to grant clemency? The debate on the death penalty will go on, but I cant shake the feeling that if Stanley "Tookie" Williams was white, he would be alive today and maybe even free.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Honest Interviews : Tarek Fatah

Imagine if Tarek Fatah got some sodium pentothal in his martini and gave an honest interview.

DrM : So, I see you’re dressed up for the interview….a little flamboyant wouldn’t you say?

TF : This is my limited edition Elvis Presley costume…its worth a small fortune.

DrM : Yes well, its value has probably depreciated with all those stretch marks on it..

TF : That’s the point…I’m talking about Elvis in his fat stage…

DrM : Sure. Lets start with your organization, the “Muslim Canadian Congress.”

TF : Well, its easy to start your own organization in western countries, especially if you espouse the sort of Islam which they feel comfortable with….

DrM : In accordance with the RAND report perhaps…

TF : Uh….thats a coincidence. You see, we progressive Moslems believe in the illusion of inclusion, harmony with neocons, spreading good communist vibes…

DrM : …and eating a lot of peanut m&m’s…

TF : Exactly. ……Hey! Low blow man…

DrM : Not low enough. So how big is your organization ?

TF : Well, right now we’re about 4 members strong and operating out of my son’s treehouse. I’m planning on moving our base of operations to the garage soon.

DrM : Yet, you claim that other Canadian Muslim groups are not representative of the community, despite their extensive record of protecting civil rights etc. This sounds a lot like of Ahmed Nassef’s words despite evidence to the contrary….

TF : Uh well….they’re conservative and …uh

DrM : How is it conservative to defend civil rights ?

TF : uh…why’re you asking me the hard questions ?! I’m not used to this!

DrM : This aint FOX news, curly. No softball interviews here. So essentially, your group is largely a non-entity with a website.

TF : That’s the cool thing about the web…we can make up all sorts of fancy names to give the impression that we’re some heavy duty players. But we have been active in the community.

DrM : You mean the use of "Shariah law" in Ontario courts?

TF : Yes. We hooked up with any group which was either ignorant or Islamophobic enough to say to no to religious arbitration.

DrM : You did not oppose religious arbitration when it was passed into law in 1991…

TF : Well…uh..thats when Jews and Catholics were using it…

DrM : So they can use it but Muslims cant…

TF : Dude, I would have looked like an anti-semite if I opposed it before…..

DrM : ....and you worked alongside groups which have clearly expressed anti-Muslim sentiments. Hardly a thing any REAL Muslim organization would do I suspect.

TF : Look, I got a lot of friends in those groups, like the workers communist party of deported Iranians etc…..they may hate Muslims, but they like me and I can live with that. We used to party a lot back in the 70s when Marxism was very chic.

DrM : Tell me more about your activities in the 70s.

TF : Well, I cant remember much ….we were getting wasted back then. We were mostly immigrants, without personalities or talent, and we just wanted to party, experimenting and such…it was all a stone filled gas, man…

DrM : Yeah I’ll bet, snorting cup cakes with Ahmed Nassef must have been groovy…

TF : what?

DrM : Nothing….Your group also supports same sex marriage correct.

TF : Yes we do.

DrM : Yet you wrote an article back in 2003 for mwu where you clearly stated that homosexuality isn’t compatible with Islamic belief, and you’re still cool with same sex marriage?

TF : Look I just said that to get media attention….do you realize nobody knows who I am ? How else was I supposed to make it known that Tarek Fatah has arrived? The only way to get some free PR and acceptance is to lower the bar….

DrM : The lowest common denominator….So would you be cool if your daughter was homosexual?

TF : HELL NO! I’d beat the gay out of her. No son or daughter of Tarek Fatah goes in that territory. No way to gay! No way to gay!

DrM: Man, you are so conflicted. You don’t have split personalities do you ?

TF : That’s not funny….

DrM : Cant take a joke? I’ll bet you’ll take an order of fries…

TF : You bet I will…with hot sauce.

DrM : I was being sarcastic. Tell me what else you’re up to.

TF : Well I’ll be making some noise in the media about Hurricane Katrina, and those behind it.

DrM : behind it ???

TF : Yes, it is my position that this disaster was not natural, but a diabolical plot by conservative-Al-Qaida-wahabist-Osamites.

DrM : ……….go on….

TF : I believe they all jumped into the sea together to raise water levels to the point where it submerged New Orleans.

DrM : Now I know you’re on crack. That has got to be the most absurd and stupid thing I've ever heard. You cant be serious.

TF : Laugh all you want, it’s all written in the “Protocols of Wahab.” It’s all a part of the great international Wahabist conspiracy theory.

DrM : And who came up with this…

TF : My dear right wing friends at Free Republic and other friendly neocon contributors.

DrM : Now I can see why so many people left the PMNUA. You’re nuts, curly.

TF : They couldn’t handle my stuff…those pikers. They used to say call Einstein crazy as well…and look what he accomplished !

DrM : Why’re comparing yourself to Einstein? He was a scientist and you’re…

TF : I’m Tarek Fatah dammit!

DrM : Its time for Asr, lets pray.

TF : I'll take a rain check.

DrM : Any particular reason why?

TF : I usually dont pray unless theres a camera around and the imam is a woman.

DrM: Then you must rarely pray...

TF : Correct

DrM : I'll do my Asr after you leave, I dont think it would be accepted anyway with you in the congregation.

TF : Whatever, I'm Tarek Fatah.

DrM : …so what other shenanigans are you up to..

TF : I’m going large man, Hollywood, comedy…sky’s the limit.

DrM : …and how do you plan on breaking into Hollywood?

TF : My strategy is to offer myself as an expert on Islam, sort of like a consultant.

DrM: I see, do you have a degree from an accredited Islamic institution?

TF : Nope

DrM : Speak Arabic?

TF : Not a word.

DrM: Ever been involved with the Muslim community at the grass roots level?

TF : Nope

DrM : Whats the first letter of the Arabic alphabet?

TF : Hey! You trying to make me look stupid?!

DrM : I think you’re doing a marvelous job of that on you own Tarek. Now that we’ve determined that you’re no expert on Islam then any other deplorable opportunistic schmuck….

TF : I look ethnic enough and I got an accent you can cut with a knife…that’s good enough for Hollywood.

DrM : Trust me, you’re not going to make it Hollywood squares, let alone Hollywood. I know I’m going to regret asking this, how about the comedy aspect of your routine?

TF : Ok, check this out..I’m sunni, my wife’s shia, what does that make our daughter?

DrM : …I don’t know, what?

TF : Sushi!

DrM :………………….

TF : ……………………

DrM : ………………….

TF : What?

DrM : I’d tell you not to quit your day job, but I’m afraid you don’t have one.

TF : Whatever man….I got mad skillz yo…

DrM : ….you claim that you were beaten up by religious extremists when in college back in the 1960s.

TF : Yes absolutely, I was fighting for gender equality on campus which infuriated the fundamentalists.

DrM: Sure it had nothing to do with you going around extolling the virtues of Chairman Mao during the lunacy of the Cultural revolution?

TF : eh…that’s beside the point. I’m Tarek Fatah..I was fighting to end gender apartheid and…

DrM : How exactly were you going about ending “gender apartheid” ?

TF : I decided to use the ladies restroom to end segregation. For this act of defiance I was beaten up by a mob of fanatics.

DrM : Independent reports say that girls were heard screaming….

TF : They were screaming for joy!

DrM : But you weren’t once the students and faculty decided to feed you concrete…

TF : Then there was the time I was holding hands with a female student to….

DrM : From what I’ve heard, you grabbed her hand despite her turning you down for a date.

TF : It was all going so well until…

DrM : Her brothers showed and took care of business.

TF : …damn thugs.

DrM : Ok Tarek….we’ve confirmed that you indeed are a phony. No background in Islamic studies, civil rights etc, yet you go around pretending to be the voice of the Muslim community…

TF : But I have a TV show!

DrM : So does Irshad Manji. Furthermore, your rhetoric and actions clearly place you in opposition to the wishes of Canadian Muslims. Take him away gentleman (door opens, 2 midgets step in)

TF : Hey, let go of me! What is this!?!

DrM : We decided to have a little historical re-enactment of your college days.

TF : You cant do this to me! I’m Tarek Fatah !!! You’ll boil in hell for this!

DrM : And I’m DrMaxtor, in third person mode ending yet another farce of an honest interview…..(Fatah is dragged out by the ear, but manages to escape hitching a ride on an ice-cream truck). No proggies were harmed during the interview.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Not guilty. The Israeli captain who put 17 bullets into a Palestinian schoolgirl

I said it once when this story was first reported, and I'll say it again now : evil murderous jewish bastards.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Angioplasty craze???

How about drinking more water, and adding a low dose aspirin tab each day?

Manufacturing controversy: The making of the non-event

Remember that article written by a pro-regressive shill lambasting ISNA posted on, the online meat market which had its own "meetup" that same labor day weekend? Turns out barely anybody showed up...less then 300 in a hall which seats 1200. Wonder how "Umbreen Shah" likes them apples...
This ofcourse is part of the larger phenomenon of the "non-event," essentially a get together of the like minded for...nothing. Its no different then meeting some friends at a restaurant and calling the whole affair an "event." Reminds me of my first and only proggie meetup. Take the "International Congress on Islamic Feminism" with the usual participants : Amina Wadud, Asra Nomani, Raheel Raza etc...they should have called it "The international congress of post-menopausal marxists and other remnents of post-colonial colonialism." Race baiter and one trick pony Wadud ended it with her signnature phony female-led prayer.....and nobody cared. Despite much hoopla, and good buzz from neocon friendly cranks....this little shindig failed to attract the sort of controversy and attention it organizers had sought.
We were all busy with Ramadan, and pretty much knew what sort of tripe to expect...the usual canard about reformation to make Islam more friendly and docile to western hegemony, "gender jihad" which had little to do with woman's issues other then concentrating political power etc. Sunni Sister pointed out a long time ago that the reasons you wont find issues of education, health care, housing etc in the discussion is because these affect Muslim men as well.
So what was this get together all about? Essentially, nothing but an excuse for aging feminist marxists and their fellow third world socialites to appear under one roof offering the same regurjitated platitudes.....too bad for them, nobody listened or cared. A true "non-event" if there ever was one.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ray Hanania's Halloween blues

Halloween's over now, but I did come across a rather shoddy article written by Ray Hanania about Muslims and Halloween. SunniSister and Izzy Mo corrected him and his responce was far less then polite. You can check out the fine details in the links provided, but one thing I have noticed in Hanania's writings over the years is lack of respect and knowledge when it comes to Muslims.

He also seems to suffer from some sort of complex about being a Palestinian Christian, and hates being mistaken for a Muslim. Reality check Ray, the majority of Palestinians are Muslim, as are the majority of Indians Hindu, so your anxiety about this is a tad bit disengenious. You would think that being a Palestinian he would atleast know a thing or two about the religion and customs of the majority of his people. I dont do Halloween, Hannukah, or Christmas just like you dont do Eid, Quanza, or Diwali, catch my drift? To proclaim that one is being "anti-american" for not dressing up and asking for candy is just plain stupid. Last time(or probably the only time) his name was in the news when racist Jackie Mason tossed him out of his standup routine. I would have done the same thing, only my reasoning would be that Hanania isnt remotely funny, but an ignorant, bitter middle aged man with a severe identity crisis disorder.
Pardon me while I "dress up" for Tarawih

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The DrM diet plan : Dinner

Ok, this is THE most important step, and perhaps the hardest one. For dinner, get a tall glass fill up to a 1/4 or 1/3 with bran, fill it up with non-fat milk. Heat it up twice in the microwave for 55 seconds each time with a 2 minute interval in between. If you want you can add a teaspoon of honey once its nice and hot. That's it. Thats your dinner.
Wait a minute....thats it?! Yep, the idea is to keep dinner as the lightest meal of the day, this is why you were given some liberties with lunch. All Bran is an excellent source of fiber, it not only occupies space in your stomach, it suppresses appetite and isnt digested. Its real function is to add bulk to stool, thereby slashing the risk of developing colon cancer, and yes, it aids greatly in reducing weight. Its better then Metamucil, and a lot cheaper, costing only $4 for a box which should last you a good 2 weeks.
So now you're thinking...I'm not having a glass of milk with some bran in it for dinner! No way!
Granted, this is not easy. But think about this, you're not taking any pills, whacky shakes, or gambling with shoddy fad diets. You're merely rearranging your eating habits with an extra light dinner. It should be done on a daily basis, but we all have our shortcomings, so you can occasionally cheat. Keep in mind, weight gain is a gradual process, and healthy weight loss should be gradual as well. Why am I so sure this works? Because I tried it on myself first and lost 40 lbs in a 6 month period. Infact, I didnt even notice it in the beginning until friends and family took note. Everybody who tried it lost weight. Here are the benefits :

Better sleep quality
Higher energy levels, less fatique
Decreased chances of diabetes/better management of diabetes
Decreased risk of heart disease and colon cancer

Ofcourse any healthy weight loss should be accompanyied by physical activity. Treadmills are expensive, but they are an excellent investment. Stay at home, walk while you watch TV and break a sweat. Its really about self discipline. I hope this information proves usefull, and I look forward to hearing from those who try this plan, and benefit from it, inshallah.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Just incase you thought I was making it all up....

The DrM diet plan : Lunch

Ok, here comes the easy part. For lunch, you can eat ANYTHING, provided its one serving ONLY, desert not included. So no all-you-can-pig-out-buffets. Vegetables and fruits are recommended. Remember if you have to consume soda, make it diet. Dont worry, dinner's right around the corner....

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The DrM diet plan : Breakfast

I was going to post it all up, but I've decided to do it in parts, breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of the worst things you can do to yourself is skip breakfast. Many people unfortunetly do this, and it really gets the day off to a bad start.
No breakfast, heavy lunch and heavier dinner = obesity. It should be the other way round, with dinner being the lightest meal of the day. But lets stick to breakfast, heres my recommendation :

1) A lukewarm glass of water with a teaspoon of honey dissolved in it.
2) A nice sizable cup of coffee (use splenda as a substitute to sugar)
3) A banana
4) And if you still want more, throw in a half a grape fruit(UNLESS you are on anti-cholesterol medcation).

Pretty straight forward, yes? You want some answers? Coffee stimulates the gasterointestinal system, thereby inducing an early morning bowel movement, getting the junk out of your system. The banana is a rich source of potassium and light fiber which gives you that boost of energy in conjunction with the coffee. The grape fruit is a rich source of vitamin C and lowers cholesterol naturally, but its consumption is optional, people with a history of stomach ulcers, anti-cholesterol medication usage, and heartburn should NOT do take it.
Its a light breakfast, and you ought to try it. Notice that there are no eggs, butter, jam or meat present. This leads us to lunch portion of the plan.......

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Great ZioNAZI quotes : Check out this.........

......statement made by the former Israeli prime minister, Yitzhak Shamir, in reference to the African nations who voted in support of the 1975 U.N. resolution, which denounced Zionism as a form of racism. He said, "It is unacceptable that nations made up of people who have only just come down from the trees should take themselves for world leaders ... How can such primitive beings have an opinion of their own?" (Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot, November 14, 1975).

And the point of this is? That Israel isnt racist?

Friday, October 21, 2005

So what exactly is diabetes?

Despite the fact that diabetes mellitus is sharply on the upswing, particularly amongst younger kids, it seems a lot of people dont know what the disease is about. Diabetes comes from a Greek word that means to siphon. The most obvious sign of diabetes is excessive urination. Water passes through the body of a person with diabetes as if it were being siphoned from the mouth through the urinary system out of the body. Mellitus comes from a Latin word that means sweet like honey. The urine of a person with diabetes contains extra sugar (glucose. In 1679, a physician tasted the urine of a person with diabetes and described it as sweet like honey. Diabetes mellitus starts with the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin, the hormone which regulates sugar. It is a multifactorial disease, Type 1 diabetics(15% of cases) dont produce ANY insulin, so they need to inject themselves with it. Type 2(85% of cases)diabetes produce decreased insulin, this can be managed by diet and/or medication. Poorly managed type 2 diabetics cease the ability to produce any insulin and become type 1 diabetics.
High sugar levels and the inability of the body to keep it in check damages blood vessels, thereby limiting circulation starting with the vessels furthest away from the heart. Oppotunistic infections also thrive in this environment of poorly managed diabetes. Bored yet? Basically the onset of gangrene and the threat of sepsis will lead to surgical intervention eg. amputation. Depressing aint it? Well it doesnt end there. Eventually the heart and kidneys are affected as well. Heres a few facts :

Most common cause of death amongst diabetics : Kidney failure
Most common cause of blindness in the US : diabetes
Most common candidates who undergo amputation : diabetics

You can look up more details by googling it. While theres a great selection of medication available, it is ultimetely change in lifestyle which turns the tide.
Like regular soda? Too bad, you're going to have to go diet(despite the controversy over aspartame, its better to switch). Got a pot belly? You're almost guarenteed DM2 in the future. Get active. Dont go renting the Taebo collection yet. Start walking, or better yet, get a treadmill, watch TV while walking. No fast food, period. Footcare is an absolute must for diabetics. Wash your feet every night and apply lotion, or some olive oil, make sure the skin is hydrated. So is there a cure for diabetes. NOPE. There is positive buzz that stomach stapling is an excellent way to lose weight and control blood sugar. I think they are smoking crack. Dont get me wrong, there are certain individuals who need gastric bypass surgery like the poor dude who didnt leave his house in seventeen years, but its not a good idea for most people. This method has unfortunetly been glamorized by Hollywood(tHey should have stapled Roseanne's mouth along with her stomach IMHO) Keep in mind that different parts of the stomach have different functions, and doctors will, in the future have to deal with long term complications of such a radical procedure. This leads to(drum roll) the DrM plan which is the next blog entry.....

Thursday, October 20, 2005

30 lbs in 30 days ?

You've seen this, posted here and there. Does it work? Sure, and it may just come with a heart attack in the process. Say what?! Ok, basically you're going to be given thyroid hormone pills which will put your metabolism into overdrive. Thyroid hormone is already made in the body, its those people who who have HYPOthyroidism who are usually given medication to bring their thyroid levels up, otherwise most people have normal thyroid function. Increased thyroid levels lead to increased expression of beta receptors on the heart, which will lead to increased blood pressure, increasing the risk of palpitations which may well lead to a heart attack. This is what happens to people who uncontrolled HYPERthroidism, so do you really want to increase your thyroid levels just to lose weight? If you do have low thyroid levels, let a doctor check it out and perscribe the appropriate medication.
Keep in mind that if your body loses more than 3 lbs a week, thats muscle wasting, so "30 lbs in 30 days" is a scam aimed at the desperate. Its tempting, but not worth it. There are safe ways of boosting the metabolism without resorting to such extreme measures...which I'll get into later...for now drink plenty of water.

The DrM weight loss plan: An introduction to a holistic approach of tackling weight issues(not to mention preventing heart attacks and diabetes)

While I've been meaning to blog about this for the past year or so, something always dissuaded or distracted me, until now. I was checking out Sister Scorpian's blog the other day where she cites her personal health struggles. So what better time then Ramadan to put my soon-to-be-famous weight loss plan up? As hard as it is for some of you to believe, I actually am an MD fresh out of medical school and one of the reasons I am so confident about my approach to the battle of bulge is that I've tried it on myself and lost nearly 40 lbs. I've done research on Metabolic syndrome(formerly known as pre-diabetes syndrome) and currently work at a diabetes research center in California. Its rather personal, I've lost two family members to diabetes and heart disease, my father himself is a type 2 diabetic(and the best managed one alhamdulilah). So what exactly is Metabolic sysndrome ? Essentially this is a loose term given to high risk factors such as family history of diabetes and/or heart disease, lab tests of LDL, HDL, Triglycerides etc. This set of protocols was developed to catch an individual before they got hit, and make no mistake a lot of us will get this condition. Thats where my plan(I'm begining to sound like John Kerry) comes in.
Before I divulge the details, a number of sobering observations need to be made.

If you're an American, chances are you are overweight. Recently, a woman sued a doctor for calling her obese. This means that I myself will get sued at some point because I believe in telling it as it is. Many people die from lack of food, Americans die from an overabundance of it. No, it is not your metabolism, its that crunch bar in your back pocket. You should be more horrified at the prospect of dying relatively young instead of being upset of being told the truth. How about genetics? Uh NO. Look at people from 50 years back, were they as obese? Lets be real, the fate of your waist line is largely determined by what you stuff your face with. Am I done bashing you yet? Not really, the first thing to do is to take charge, which means no more silly excuses about metabolism, genes etc. Now granted, there are certain genetic traits which are expressed more in some people then others, excluding explicit genetic disorders, but you are responsible for your condition.

How about those fad diets? How about Atkins? Back when I was a medical student, the Atkins craze was all over the place. I was constantly at odds with many people over the long term effect of Atkins. In case you didnt know they went bankrupt this year.
Think about it for a minute, does it sound right to restrict an entire food group in your diet? Isnt there something fishy about being to told eat anything but carbohydrates? Well, I do know people who lost weight on Atkins, lots of weight....which they gained back in a few months. I will not be surprised to hear in the coming months and years of serious kidney problems amongst those people who still adhere to Atkins. This will happen because the kidneys cannot handle the high protein intake. Do you really want to eat so much meat? Acording to the the late Dr.Atkins' autopsy, his arteries were like sausages, even though his death was caused by a fall. Ever wonder why the Japanese, who have the highest life expectency can eat rice and stay in decent shape? They dont eat as much!
Bottom line? Fad diets simply dont work, and are not viable on a long term basis.

Looking for a good doctor? Go look in the mirror, theres your ultimate health care provider(excluding Allah(swt) ofcourse). You know how you feel, you know your weaknesses and strengths. Even if you have a great MD to give you excellent care, at the end of the day you're just another patient out of hundreds seen by your doctor. Dont expect help someone else to help if you dont want to help yourself. Why the heck am I blabbing on about this? I mean, isnt this common sense? Yes it is, and unfortunetly its not as common as you may think. Reality and confidence are not something which can be bought from a pharmacy. Keep it real.

So what made me serious about this issue? Yes I was a bit overweight, even though you couldnt really tell on my 6'1 frame. Yes, I have a family history of diabetes and heart disease, but that doesnt necessarily mean I'll get it, right? What really drove the point home for me was seeing patients at different stages of the disease process. Trust me folks, theres only so many amputations, so much gangrene and kidney failure you see before wondering if you're next. The worst part of it is that much of it is PREVENTABLE. Dont get me wrong, if you are on a regimen per doctors orders, stick to it, I am simply advocating a more global approach to a multi-faceted pathology. It may not work as well for you as it did for me, depending on age, BMI and a host of other factors, but I can guarentee you that you'll feel a hell of a lot better.

I've got other work to do, so I'll stop here. If any of this semi-rant made sense, let me know and I'll post some more information on the next step to better health.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Breast Cancer breakthrough

Sounds good to me.
Keep in mind, that 1 out of 10 females will get it, making it one of the highest cancer rates around. The average age of diagnosis, according to Robbins pathology text is 64!
While any breakthrogh in research is welcome, prevention is the way to go, and there are ways of atleast decreasing the risk factors.
Checking for lumps, and balanced eating habits is a good start, and it never too early to get a free mamogram.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Suhoor at Denny's

One of the toughest aspects of Ramadan for me is the realignment of eating and sleeping hours. Particularly around midnight when I get the munchies. So I decided to go to Denny's....I was tired. straight out of the night shift at the hospital. I must have been on crack to go Denny's, which has a dubious reputation when it comes minority customers.
The place is packed. I take a seat and glance through the menu...pretty much everything is fortified with ham, so it was fish and chips for me. While waiting, I found that I was in an unofficial white sociology class. Listening to the conversations around me confirmed a number of theories I have about American caucasians :

1) The American white man is a very bold creature. Dont take that as a compliment, what I mean to say is, that they're nuts. You couldnt get me drunk enough to jump off a porch, yet these guys are talking about taking their grandmothers out for sky diving.

2) "Dude, Chris puked in my car, it was awesome, man." No, I didnt make this up, theres something about body fluids and voiding them which white people find immensely entertaining. I can tell you for a fact that if Chris was in a black dude or Mexican's car, he'd be violently rolling down the street.

3) Lets just say white folk are over-sexed. Its Ramadan, so I'm not going to go into the details of what I had heard. The only thing I can add is that theres a reason why various paraphilias are so common.

My fish and chips arrived, I ate, paid and made myself scarce. The moral of the story? Dont go to Denny's after midnight....thats when the crazy white people come out. But if you have no choice, get it to go.

Grendizer turns 30

Yep, those in the Arab world, Italy, France(ugh) know what I'm talking about.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Jalal Abualrub destroys Craig Winn on conservative radio

Check out this deabte whereJalal Abualrub, author of the upcoming "Prophet of Mercy" destroys serial liar/Islamophobe Craig Winn (author of "prophet of doom") on conservative Mike Gallagher's radio show. This is one mp3 you have got to download.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Jewish terrorist gets 20 years

Doesnt California have a 3 strikes law? This criminal lowlife and his associates should on be death row. Funny how a group listed as a terrorist organization can operate openly in the US.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Dumb and Dumberer....psuedo-Islamic crescents and right wing idiocy

Just when you think you've seen the worst the American right is capable they're claiming that the Flight 93 "crescent of embrace" memorial looks just like the crescent moon, hence its "honoring the terrorists."
Never mind the fact the families of those killed on Flight 93 have no problem with the “Crescent of Embrace,” the design by Paul Murdoch Architects of Los Angeles features a mile-long, semicircular pathway of red maples surrounding the crash site.
Have these morons seen the flag of South Carolina ? It has a crescent moon and a palm tree! Must be an Islamic state! What about the Christian Coalition of America ? Seen their insignia ? This is another fine example of how insipid, immature, idiotic and petty the American right is today. Then again, considering this is the same crowd which gave us "freedom frys," I cant say I'm really shocked by this.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Pakistan sells out

This article highlights the reasons and motivation behind Pakistani pandering to Israel. Pakistan's bumbling General-in-chief Musharraf(is that a transplant or just a bad hair style?) believes that such a move would throw a monkey wrench in the India-Israel partnership, ofcourse Washington expects its orders to be obeyed and carried out.
This is yet another fine of example of how spineless, corrupt, inept and immoral the Pakistani elite has become. "Lets play nice with terrorists so no one calls us terrorists." Excuse me while I go read up about the Lavon affair, USS Liberty massacre and other great contributions Israel has bestowed on its principal benefactor, the US.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

MWU & Naseeb, irrelevent co-conspirators, the online desi meat market made by outcasts for outcasts has now come full circle with MWU. In yet another example of tabloid pro-regressive Muslim journalism Umbreen Shah writes about "ISNA thugs," posted on both websites.
I have my own little criticisms of ISNA, for instance allowing the sycophants from "Muslims for Bush" to have their own stall in ISNA 2004. Its the standard pro-regressive tactics, ie attacking any and all Muslim organizations who dont pander to neocon-friendly extremist left wing politics. This sad excuse of an article goes on with the usual garbage about conservatives, immigrant leaders, cultural baggage blah blah blah. The sort of polemic which most of us answered and refuted long ago, you know stuff like this :

"These organizations are run by immigrants with cultural baggage"

So what if they are immigrants ? "Cultural baggage" is the adherence to the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet(pbuh). Speaking of immigrants, arent Ahmed Nassef, Omid Safi, Tarek Fatah, Irshad Manji, Raheel Raza, Monis Rahman(Naseeb CEO) all immigrants? And what about their western cultural baggage which they try to force on the community ? No, I dont think immigration is an issue.

"Only 10% of Muslim Americans attended ISNA this year"

Which is appox. 700000 people. This is roughly 699900 more then the people who attended phony Friday prayers with Amina Wadud. How many people showed up for the "naseeb meetup" ? 0.0001% of Muslim Americans ? Sounds like sour grapes to me.

"African-Americans are underrepresented"

Ever heard of the Muslim American society? Mahdi Bray? Oh but he's not a pro-regressive is he, so he doesnt count. So exactly how many African Americans are in the PMNUA or MWU ?

In conclusion, Umbreen Shah's tirade against ISNA is nothing but a hotch potch regurjitation of old refuted smear attacks against legitimate Muslim organizations. Its a shake down by extremists who are frustrated at their inability to implement "reforms" at the behest of RAND, neocons and those who mean the Muslim community no good. I dont know about ISNA, but I am sick of pro-regressive thugs and delinquents smearing Islam.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

This is just plain sick

Israelis claiming that Hurricane Katrina is God's punishment on the US for the Gaza "pullout." With friends like these................Hey Rabbi, feel free to mail back that US welfare check. Nice threads by the way.....looks like a jewish gangsta rapper.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

And speaking of lowlives......

What Iranian lefties thinks about Taheri and co.

The lies of Amir Taheri

The Neocons favorite pet Iranian prevaricator Amir Taheri is at it again. This time, claiming the hijab and beard have nothing to do with Islam. For those who dont know Taheri is an Iranian monarchist and a remnent of the terrorist Shah regime, nowadays he is one of the attractions of the "Benador associates," a motley circus of zionist lowlives. Thats him with Eleana Benador. All smiles isnt he ?

Check this out :

I'd like to add since Taheri and other remnents of the Shah regime are so gung ho about regime change, let them be sent first in the theatre of operations. Oh, but they're much too old for combat you, if they want war let them take the initiative. I'm sure their kids are old enough for the job. Send in the yellow elephants already.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Most doctors believe in God, afterlife

So much for the canard that those in the sciences aren't believers. We see miracles at the hospital everyday. Its pretty much common sense.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Revisiting an old hoax

This is old news, but considering the amount of balderdash being made up about Islam and Muslims, its time to revisit a lie cooked up the right wing gutter scum. The following phony verse has been in circulation in email forwards and such :

Quran (9:11) For it is written that a son of Arabia would awaken a fearsome Eagle. The wrath of the Eagle would be felt throughout the lands of Allah and lo, while some of the people trembled in despair, still more rejoiced; for the wrath of the Eagle cleansed the lands of Allah; and there was peace.

Talk about creative writing. Just goes to show how much hatred the "liberators" are capable of, what else is to expected from those who believe in mythical WMDs and such ? The REAL 9:11 verse in all its different translations reads :

YUSUFALI: “But (even so), if they repent, establish regular prayers, and practise regular charity,- they are your brethren in Faith: (thus) do We explain the Signs in detail, for those who understand.”

PICKTHAL: “But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then are they your brethren in religion. We detail Our revelations for a people who have knowledge.“

SHAKIR: “But if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, they are your brethren in faith; and We make the communications clear for a people who know.”

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Concluding my interview with Ahmed Nassef

DrM : Ok Ahmed, now that you’re done with detox, I’m going to finish off this farce of an interview. I want short answers. Got it?

AN : Cross my heart, and hope to die.

DrM : ………ok. Name your favorite book.

AN : Das Kapital

DrM : Name your favorite movie.

AN : Girls gone wild.

DrM : That’s not a movie…………

AN : Oh, my bad. It’s a tie between Under Siege and True Lies.

DrM : Favorite author?

AN : Omid Safi ! Much love to Marx and Engles too. Lets not forget Danial…

DrM : That’s enough. Now the progressive “shahada” you’ve espoused states that “ a Muslim is anybody who claims to be one” right?

AN : Yes

DrM : So if Ariel Sharon claimed he was a Muslim, would you accept him as one?

AN : Oh yeah, totally. I’m not big on the 5 pillars you see…too wahabi for me.

DrM : Well that’s obvious. Who do you admire these days ?

AN : Nawal Saadawi

DrM : The murtada Egyptian femeNAZI ?

AN : That’s feminist, buddy. She is running for the Egyptian Presidency.

DrM : Actually she dropped out the other day.

AN : I smell a wahabi plot…..

DrM : I smell Jack Daniels and BS coming off your breath. She dropped out because no one wanted to vote for the old burnt out crow.

AN : This is a defeat for progressives everywhere…!
DrM : My heart bleeds. The whole progressive schtick is dying out isn’t it?

AN : Not as long as FOX, CNN, MSNBC are around. They love me ! I think Saadawi will make one hell of an impact in some other way.

DrM : Oh yeah, I hear she’s trying out for the part of “Skeletor” in the new “He-man and the Masters of the Universe” movie.

AN : Sweeeeeeet! I loved that cartoon! Teela was hot, dude!

DrM : Whatever, there was way too much homosexual innuendo in it.

AN : There was NOT!

DrM : Just look at some of their names : Man-at-arms, Ram-Man…ok now we’re going off tangent. This interview is over.

AN : Can I just say one last thing ?

DrM : What?

AN : I’m Rick James, bitch!

DrM : …time for that detox treatment.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Netanyahu Changed Plans Due to Warning

Why is it that Israelis always have information in advance which they're not willing to share with others.....even the yahoo posters are asking this.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Something I picked up ....

...from Islamicity. Check out what some US soldiers had to contribute...

Pvte. Williams posted :
"As a US Marine living, fighting in Iraq I wake up each day knowing that we are hated and despised by the people we occupy, and I don't blame them. The word "Terrorism" used so loosely and freely by our media to describe retaliation against our uninvited presence in their country, be it Iraq or Afghanistan, is pretty ridiculous when considering that a violent reactionary movement would be only natural and obviously expected. Has our media ever branded Jewish underground resistance to the British occupation of the then Palestinian territories as terrorism? Or have they ever labelled Moshe Dyan who was directly involved in bombing, murdering and torturing British citizens then as a terrorist? Why bother going that far back in history, Ariel Sharon was implicated by Israel's own courts as being directly and criminally responsible for the slaughter of Palestinian refugees; women, children and old men in the camps of Arba and Shattila. Yet our media and this creature we call our "President", meet Sharon with respect that should be only reserved for a NON-Criminal. Worst from what I have seen with my own eyes repeated many times is the behavior of our troops in Iraq. I have seen our guys take off wrist watches and rings off the dead and living, made no difference whether they were insurgents or innocent civilians. In one of the most recent campaigns near the Syrian border, I saw our guys barging into homes only with the intent to steal. In most cases we busted down doors of homes that looked like there were rich people living there. We stole between 6 to 8 million in assorted currency. Besides money we even ripped off jewelry that were family heirlooms. In one case we took money and wedding jewelry off this family whose daughter had just been married and when her husband and father protested we slapped them around in front of the family. The definition of terrorism simply does not apply to the actions of those fighting us, but it does apply to us - to us Americans."

"Duke" posted :
"I am returning to Iraq next week and the thought of it makes me sick to my stomach. I can fully understand what Williams is saying because I have lived through this crap for 16 months. These guys are fighting back. Hell I would too if I were them. Besides the constant fear of being bombed or shot at, what makes my stomach turn the most is the look of absolute hate I get from common Iraqis. A Brit told me its because we hassle them the way we do. I agree but I think its more than that. Many Iraqis initially were thrilled because we got rid of Saddam who with his sons was feared and hated. But I have people now tell me on my face to bring Saddam back. They say at least then they had running water, electricity, food and jobs. Now all they see morning are burnt corpses and blown up cars each day. I was on a raid on a house where my buddies roughed up this old guy pretty good, stole his money, bust his tv, trashed his whole house looking for more money and valuables - turns out the guy was a Dr Mohsen Abdul Hamid, some political big shot and member of the Iraqi govt. Kinda embarassing but hey just as our captain promised we did not get into any trouble. To sum it up I don't know why we are there but to rob the people of their personal posessions and oil. Hey if some guys came over to my farm in Ohio with guns blazing, hey I can guarantee you me, my brothers and my pa would not roll over. And here were have invaded an entire country for no damn reason. If I don't come back this time, I want people to know that I had some honesty and I want to say this. Our reason for being there is totally bogus. I am surprised there is not a soul in our Congress who has even talked about impeaching Bush for sending us here to die on a lie. There is a whole lot more GIs killed than we report. There are also many innocent civilians we kill each day that we don't report. Most of the guys getting killed are blacks and latinos. I am no longer proud - I hate it and this is just a damn job."

Fbarton posted :
Our two guys are totally right. I am back home for 2 weeks and already I am having an anxiety attack over going back. I never joind up for this. I just wanted to get my education and maybe travel a bit before settling down to a regular job. I never meant to be dragged out to to some desert and wipe out innocent men, women and children for no friggin reason but oil. It is pretty bad what I have seen and witnessed but what is worse than that is that we are under threat not to reveal the truth of what goes on daily in Iraq and what we have done there and in Afghanistan. Our officers told us that all Muslims were terrorists and if we don't kill them all they will come back and kill our families. what made me sick was that even the clergy assigned to our unit was giving us the pep talk to go out there and kill. I thought then hey what happened to Christ? What about love for all mankind etc..all bull. I have no faith or respect for this guy who pretends to be our president, or any of the senators or the congress, or our governor or the church or our media. If I could say one thing to any felow Americans reading this, you got made April fool in a big way. Go out there and organize and throw the real terrorists out of the oval office and the senate and congress. If they don't leave drag them out kicking and screaming. And one more thing, take your TV sets and radios and dump them in the garbage and stop wasting your money on our newspapers. we don't have an independent media and if you think you do, you would be pretty stupid. we have been sent here by suits who are in the pockets of oil companies and Israel. All this has nothing to do with democracy or with fighting terrorism. Thats all a big load of crap. It is oil and security for Israel that we are here. Nothing else. Israel is not going to get me no job and Israel and jews won't give a damn if a thousand of us bite the dust and neither does our government. And I'll be damned if I am ready to die for either.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Facts they hate

On the "Hussein = mass murdering monster" rhetoric only; the "WMD", "ties to 911", and "ties to al Qaeda" have been thoroughly debunked by everyone on the planet already (except for the die-hard rightwing idiots) and have been well-documented as being known by most the world before bush's attack on Iraq.

-Who's killed the most Kurds?

The Kurds.
More Kurds have killed Kurds than the number killed by Turkey, Iran, and Hussein combined, during their 3 decades long "fratricide" war.

-Who made a surprise appearance in 1991 on Baghdad TV to hug and kiss Saddam Hussein?

Kurdish warlord and current Iraqi president Talabani. And this was long after the "gassed his own people", after Gulf War 1, after the uprisings in Iraq.

-Who danced & cheered in celebrations after Talabani hugged & kissed Saddam Hussein in 1991?

The Kurds.

-Who asked Hussein for help in 1996 to fight against Kurdish warlord Talabani and his Kurds?

Kurd and warlord Barzani.

-During the Iran-Iraq war, Halabjah was attacked with blood agent gas; how many Kurd deaths were originally reported until the number was increased several years later right before Desert Storm?

"several hundred". ***excellent***

The CIA's website still lists "hundreds", not thousands or tens of thousands, and as being "caught in cross-fire between Iranians and Iraqi forces". We call that "collateral damage".

-When doctors sent by France, the United Nations and the Red Cross examined gassed Kurdish refugees in Turkey, what symptoms did the doctors say were exhibited?

Non-lethal tear gas.

-What city presented Hussein with the Key to the City in 1979?

Detroit, USA.

-What nation won Humanitarian Awards for its literacy programs?

Iraq. Under Hussein's government. /

-What nation had the highest number of citizens with PhDs on the world? And had more PhDs than America?

Iraq. Under Hussein's government.

-Which nation was using much its burgeoning oil revenue to improve the daily lives of its people?

Iraq. Under Hussein's government. /

-What did the rebels do in their 1991 uprising?

Slaughtered thousands of Iraqis.

-What did the Hussein government do about the rebel uprising?

Slaughtered thousands of Iraqis.

-Where did the figure of "300,000" originate as the number of Iraqis "killed by Hussein"?

The figure (originally 200,000-250,000 over 30 years) was an estimate of an estimate of a "general international concensus" the HRW used as an estimate for the number of Iraqis unaccounted for, ‘many of whom are believed to have been killed’— and not for the number buried in mass graves.

Hania Mufti, one of the researchers that produced that estimate, said: 'Our estimates were based on estimates. The eventual figure was based in part on circumstantial information gathered over the years.',6903,12...

HRW itself refuses to use its figure of 290,000 as an estimate for the number of bodies in mass graves.

To date, aproximately 5000 remains have been found, dating from the 1991 rebel uprisings.,6903,12...

-Who "mass-graved" thousands of Iraqis by bulldozing over them?

US forces in 1991.

-What nation defended this atrocity by saying a gap in international law allowed for burying Iraqis alive?

The USA.

-Saddam Hussein and his "woodchipper people-shredder"?

Long-time Iraq war supporter Ann Clwyd came up with this sequel to the "incubator babies" lie. Clwyd said; "We heard it from a victim; we heard it and we believed it."

One unidentified, unverified source; one person. That's her entire "proof".

Clwyd insists that corroboration of the shredder story came when she was shown a dossier by a reporter from Fox TV. On June 18, Clwyd wrote a second article for the Times, citing a "record book" from Abu Ghraib, which described one of the methods of execution as "mincing".

-Can she say who compiled this book?
"No, I can't."

-Where is it now?
"I don't know."

-What was the name of the Fox reporter who showed it to her?
"I have no idea."

-Did Clwyd read the entire thing?
"No, it was in Arabic! I only saw it briefly."

Curiously, there is no mention of the book or of "mincing" as a method of execution on the Fox News website, nor does its foreign editor recall it.,3604,1155399...

-What actual claims of human rights violations were made against Hussein's government in 2002?

-death penalty
-long (2 years) detentions without trials
-"some apparently tortured first"
-arbitrary arrests
-forced expulsion of Kurds from Kirkuk

-Who said attacking Iraq cannot be justified as a "humanitarian intervention"?

Human Rights Watch

Amnesty International

-What kind of torture did Hussein's son Odai perpetrate on Iraq's soccer team that war supporters often point to as justification for attacking Iraq?

Torture such as electric cables being attached to their bodies. (Oops, sorry, that's just frat-house party games.)

A missed penalty or other poor play entailed a ritual head shaving at the Stadium of the People, or being spat on by Uday's bodyguards.

Some players endured long periods in a military prison, beaten on their backs with electric cables until blood flowed.

Other punishments included "matches" kicking concrete balls around the prison yard in 130-degree heat, and 12-hour sessions of push-ups, sprints and other fitness drills, wearing heavy military fatigues and boots.

Maad Ibrahim Hameed, the assistant coach of the national team, said Odai had offered money as a bonus for winning and threatened prison for losing. "But it was only talk," he said. "They weren't tortured. Some were sentenced to jail if they didn't behave responsibly. But they all came back to play."

-How do the Iraq soccer team members feel now about bush's invasion?

Iraqi Olympic Soccer Teams Gives Bush the Boot

"Bleeding-heart liberals" would have a hard time making a case for invading a nation and "shock & awe" bombing the crap out of them, let alone "tough" republicans.

Maybe that's why the vast majority of Americans DID say there's no "humanitarian" justification for attacking Iraq;

--Only 27 percent of respondents said they think that countries have the right, without UN approval, to overthrow another government that is committing "substantial violations of its citizens' human rights," although another 41 percent said that intervention could be justified if the violations were "large-scale, extreme and equivalent to genocide."

--In the case of Iraq, however, only 32 percent of respondents believed both that human rights abuses equivalent to genocide justified intervention and that such extreme violations were occurring under Hussein's rule. Asked, "Do you think that there are other governments existing today that have human rights records as bad as that of Iraq under Saddam Hussein?" an overwhelming 88 percent said there are.

Now that the crap had hit the fan on bush's "WMD" and "Iraq in bed with al Qaeda" lies and his "Iraq did 911" insinuations, and about to hit the fan on his lies proven by the Downing Street official minutes, the "Murdering Butcher of Baghdad" bs is bound to appear all over the "librul" media.

And like the "WMD, "ties to al Qaeda" and "ties to 911", it's bs. Uzbekistan, anyone ?

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Its official, Tantawi is nuts

Egypt's Sheikh Tantawi is now supporting Uzbekistan's dictator "Islam" Karimov. The esteemed Sheikh has supported other progressive causes like supporting hijab bans, legalization of interest, and support for the puppet Iraqi government. Sounds like a real go getter doesnt he ? Hey Al-Azhar, time for a little excommunication. Deport this dollar scholar to some neocon infested "think tank" where he can serve his masters face to face.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Kurdistan ?

Aint happening folks. Heres a number of reasons why...

1) Turkey

2) Iran

3) The U.S. why ? Because the kurds are fooling themselves if they think Uncle Sam came all the way to Iraq to "liberate" them. The fact of the matter is Kurds were betrayed before by the US, and they will be betrayed again. I'm sorry to tell you that they dont care about the gassing by Saddam, hell they gave the man the gas to begin with. They dont care about you. You'll be used and discarded when you've served your purpose.

4) Kurdish leadership. Being that the leadership of the kurds is FULL of hardline criminals, terrorists and tribalists. One question the Kurds must ask themselves is, given the way their leadership has conducted itself as a bunch of power hungry charlatans disloyal to their native soil....can they expect nations like Iran, Turkey to trust their respective kurdish populations ? Infact the opposite is true that Kurds are suffering greatly because of their leadership.
The kurds unfortunetly have degerated from the great warriors like Salahudin, who liberated Jerusalem to a corrupt nationalists like Barzani and Talabani, who sold their struggle.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Honest Interviews : Ahmed Nassef

Imagine if Nassef got some sodium pentothal in his martini and gave an honest interview....

DrM : So how are you Ahmed ?

AN : Exhausted.

DrM : How come ?

AN : All these appearances on TV and interviews has taken their toll on me…

DrM : You mean FOX, CNN, MSNBC ?

AN : Yes ! Aint it cool ?! I’ll also be on Jerry Springer next week….

DrM : Why Jerry Springer ? You refusing to pay alimony or something ?

AN : I’ll have you know I’m a happily married man.

DrM : The Jerry Springer show isn’t really known for its intellectual value…which would make sense considering you’ll be a guest. Never mind, I get it…..

AN : That’s messed up yo…but considering how popular your blog is and how desperate I am for exposure…but enough of that, the real reason I’ll be on Springer is to challenge Ibraheem Hooper to a pie fight.

DrM : Ibraheem Hooper of CAIR, you mean ?

AN : Yeah, the big Irish revert… I hate reverts.

DrM : Why a pie fight ?

AN : Well I sure as hell aint getting into a fist fight with him…that dude is huge !

DrM : Point taken, but what makes you think the communications chief of CAIR would waste his time engaging you in stupid pie fight ? Seriously man, the guy has a real job.

AN : You don’t like me very much do you ?

DrM : Not really, no.

AN : You’re mean, want a hug ?

DrM : …no, any other appearances you’d like to tell us about ?

AN : I’ll be on Michael Savage’s radio show next month.

DrM : You mean the evil slimy jewish hatemonger ? THAT Michael Savage ?

AN : Hey, its on the latest installment of Hug-a-zionist scumbag.

DrM : Don’t you find it disturbing that you’re being given positive exposure by those who have expressed anti-Muslim hatred ? These are the same people who support genocide against the peoples of Iraq and Palestine.

AN: Yeah, but that’s kind of back there, and we’re here so….

DrM : So…it doesn’t really matter to you…..

AN : Not really.

DrM : I noticed you have mark on your face….the RAND seal of approval perhaps ?

AN : Actually that’s on my behind…but the mark is due to an accident in college….

DrM : Do tell.

AN : I was trying to set off a bag of horse manure on fire and place it outside my ex-girlfriends dorm room. It exploded in my face prematurely and well… here I am..

DrM : …………kind of poetic don’t you think ?

AN : What?

DrM : Nothing. If I remember correctly you have a background in marketing.

AN : That’s right. Graduated from UCLA baby!

DrM : So you have no background in Islamic studies…

AN : Oh hell no! What do you think I am ? Some sort of Wahabi ?

DrM : You think anyone who studies Islam is a wahabi ?

AN : Absolutely.

DrM : Whereas anyone who isn’t well versed in Islamic theology is an authority ?

AN : Well, sure. But it also depends how far left they are.

DrM : So basically you’re a decent Muslim if you lack knowledge and are to the left of Michael Moore…

AN : That, and if the government digs your interpretation of Islam.

DrM : I’m do realize you’ve admitted to having no credibility in the Muslim community.

AN : Well, that’s not our target audience anyway.

DrM : You also claim that your website gets more hits than any other Muslim site..

AN : Well…yeah..dont you believe Alexa ?

DrM : According to Alexa, Islamicity is the most popular Muslim website..

AN : You checked it ?

DrM : Yeah

AN : Damn!

DrM : How did you run into Nomani and Kahf ?

AN : We ran into each other at an alcoholics anonymous meeting and hit it off. We had a lot in common….we were in our thirties, burnt out, facing a midlife crisis and had plenty of time on our hands. We each had to carve out our own territory…Asra came up with some scam at her local masjid, Mohja started putting her dirty mind to paper etc….Jawad was our token homosexual flamer…

DrM : What about the white guy who goes around stink palming people ?

AN : Oh ..Knight…you seen that picture of him with a typewriter in a dumpster ?

DrM : I think so.

AN : Well that’s where we found him. He’s lying low since Ibraheem Hooper threatened to slap him with a lawsuit for impersonating him.

DrM : Seems to me that you guys have a penchant for controversy …

AN : No better way to make the front page…

DrM : Tell me about your beef with CAIR.

AN : Well for starters, they’re conservative….

DrM : Hows that ? You consider defending civil rights “conservative” ?

AN : Uh...second…they got a lot of influence and cash..

DrM : Well….you get your fair share of money don’t you ?

AN : Man, I’ve been making some mad bling with media exposure…and I didn’t have to defend any Muslims or declare some sort of action alert… doesn’t hurt being pals with MoronsForBush people either. But I still don’t got the sort of cash CAIR has.

DrM : Speaking of idiocy…why the need to have Amina Wadud lead prayer ? I mean, do you even go for salah?

AN : I haven’t set foot in a masjid since 1986.

DrM : And why is that ?

AN : Well…this proves why woman should lead….I was in the 4th row and this guy in front of me knocks a thick one out during ruku……I think that would not have happened if I was praying behind a woman…

DrM : You expect me to believe that ?

AN : Hey man, I felt like Van Damme kicked me in the face…….besides I can check out some booty without looking like the pervert that I am.

DrM : Is there anything remotely Islamic about you and your cohorts ?

AN : Not really, but we do make for really good photo ops.{reaches for his pocket}

DrM : Uh I don’t think you can smoke here….

AN : Chill out, this isn’t a cigarette….

DrM : You got that right…..its not a cigar either is it ?

AN : Look, its perfectly legal… Amsterdam.

DrM : Hey man, this is supposed to be a drug free interview….put that joint out….

AN : Too late, its…hitting….me….already……dayum…I’m flying…. See what happens when you’re a progressive Muslim…’re missing out homie.

DrM : I guess we’ll have to continue this interview some other time....what an imbecile.

AN : Dont be hatin'

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Historic day for Iraq...

As Jalal Talebani (no relation to Afghanistan) became "President" of the Green Zone.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Monday, March 21, 2005

The Vision of a Blind Woman

This beautiful sister has more sense and maturity than all the regressive hacks at mwu put together.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Hindu terrorist barred entry into the US

Thanks to CAIR ( you know, those "conservative" types who deal with REAL issues affecting the community), and other civil rights have managed to convince the US state department to bar Hindu terrorist Narendra Modi entry into the US.
Note to the "Asian-American Hotel Owners Association" aka Gujrati fecal fascists in disguise, get a real speaker for your little conference, preferably someone not guilty of genocide.

Honest interviews : Asra Nomani

Imagine if Nomani got some sodium pentothal in her martini and gave an honest interview....

DrM : So whats the “Muslim womans freedom tour” about ?

AN. : Well I couldn’t come up with anything catchy so I decided to steal some terms from the civil rights movement. I haven’t had much luck getting attention with the shake down I’ve tried to pull at the Morgantown masjid, so I had to do something.

DrM : What’s going on there ?

AN : Actually I didnt have a chance to win a seat on the masjid advisory panel, so I bailed the day the election. Then I started claiming that the ladies section was insufficient for us even though there was plenty of room.

DrM : Why did you do that ?

AN : It got the media’s interest, and I was on CNN…they just love me on FOX too might I add. Plus, I got a chance to plug my book, nothing like a little free PR.

DrM : You mean “Standing alone in Mecca” ?

AN : Yes, order your copy today !

DrM : This was about your Hajj experience correct ?

AN : Yep.

DrM : There were over 2 million pilgrims at last year’s Hajj, so what do you mean by the “stand alone” part ?

AN : Well..uh…it sounded tight. There’s only one Asra Nomani ya know !

DrM : You’re a bit of a whack job aren’t you ?

AN : Hey now ! Well, maybe just a bit…I can assure I’m just your typical single Muslim mom raising a kid.

DrM : Why single ? Wheres hubby ?

AN : Lets not get into that…..

DrM : I’ll let you plug your book if you do….

AN : In that case…..I was on assignment in Pakistan, where I met this one dude…and things kinda happened.

DrM : Hold up…that would be adultery then..

AN : Look man, I was trying the latest tantrika mumbo jumbo…you can read all about it in my other book on tantrika sex…on sale for only $17.95.

DrM : So did you get married ?

AN : Nope, he ran off, the bastid.

DrM : Well that’s too bad….but don’t you think Muslims would have a problem with someone with your past telling them how to practice Islam ?

AN : Look I screwed up, cut me some slack here ! All you gotta do is perform Hajj and all is forgiven.

DrM : Well it doesn’t quite work like that…you have to be sincere in your desire for forgiveness…

AN : I am sincere, dawg !

DrM : But you do oppose punishing the crime of adultery…

AN : Well, just punishing the female part, they could stone the men with a boulder for all I care. Besides everybody does it these days, you cant go around slamming people for getting busy….you know what I’m saying ?

DrM : Actually no, I myself have never committed adultery, nor do any of Muslim friends engage in it.

AN : You’re a wahabi aren’t you ?!

DrM : …no, not really.

AN : You believe in Quran and Hadeeth ?

DrM : …Yeah

AN : WAHABI ! Neo-Salafi ! Muslim Pat Robertson !

DrM : Hey everybody, buy Asra’s book….

AN : Ok, I’ll let you off the hook this time….

DrM : So tell me what you mean by Muslim woman “reclaiming their rights.”

AN : Actually that’s just some bullcrap we cooked up to get the media’s attention. I would like to see more woman ditch the hijab.

DrM : Why is that ?

AN : Well to be honest with you, I’m a bit jealous of those hijabis. They get respect and they don’t have to put out to get it.

DrM : Why are you proggies so obsessed with hijab when Muslim woman face so many other challenges ?

AN : Well….we don’t want to them to wear it….and that’s all I have to say about that.

DrM : They make you look bad don’t they ?

AN : Yeah they do, kinda makes it hard to pull a fast one on ignorant non-Muslims with them around.

DrM : But you did wear a hijab on the cover of your book…

AN : Available at bookstores near you for only…

DrM : We got that already. But why the hijab on the cover ?

AN : It grabs the viewers attention, but its cool, I don’t wear it inside the book.

DrM : About your local masjid….when did that controversy start ?

AN : Actually I rarely go to the masjid, and I never went before…but it was a good place to start my campaign.

DrM : But why do you want a larger prayer hall if you sneak into the men’s section ?

AN : To be honest, its more fun…there’s a couple of guys with really tig…

DrM : Time out

AN : Dang ! I was just getting to the good part.

DrM : This aint “sex and the ummah.”

AN : Which I also co-write with that other lady holed up in Arkansas.

DrM : So why the need to publish porn ?

AN : Well that Nassef character, you know the one with the big boot print on his face thought it would get us some page hits, as well as offer a release for the readers, most of whom aren’t old enough to drink. We think its better than them surfing smut sites.

DrM : But its still porn, and rather vulgar at that….

AN : Don’t be such a prude, Muslims should enjoy the sexual impulse..nothing to be afraid of…

DrM : Uh I don’t think that’s a problem given that Muslims have the highest birthrate on the planet. Only difference I see is they do it behind closed doors and after marriage.

AN : You better cut it out with that wahabi crap, man

DrM : Yawn, so what do you do these days ?

AN : Well since I dont have a job, I enjoy harassing the people at the masjid, and trying to make non-Muslims like me as a "good muslim." Otherwise I'm just a bitter middle aged woman eating bonbons and watching Oprah. Hopefully, some clueless liberals and ill-meaning conservatives will pick up my books, every single penny counts.

DrM : I think I've had enough. Off you go granny.

AN : Wha ?!

DrM : Theres a MSNBC camera crew outside waiting to hear your deep Islamic thoughts.

Friday, March 18, 2005

What's next Dr.Wadud ???

So Dr.Amina Wadud has led Friday prayers. Break out the champane everybody, its a historic day for Islam. All the problems facing our dear sisters have simply vanished, there are no more hijab bans, no more hate crimes, no more racial profiling. But there was plenty of media attention, and theres nothing like free PR, especially from those usually bash Islam and Muslims. Bottom feeder Ahmed Nassef is particularly happy, a sheikh from Al-Azhar has given his approval for woman leading prayer. Interestingly enough, Al-Azhar was bashed by MWU just a couple of days ago. For those who dont know Al-Azhar has another sheikh who supports discrimination against Muslim woman in Europe, that should tell us plenty about the state of some of Al-Azhar's rent-a-sheikhs.
But thats not all, terrorist-supporting right wing American blogs have also given their blessing to Dr.Wadud. Thats right ! These extremists who normally support terrorism against Muslims are delighted that Wadud is leading jummah. If only there were more woman like this around than those pesky wahabees the say. If only more Muslims were publishing soft-porn like that failed academic from Arkansas. Or how about that confused character who stink palms people at Islamic conventions ? Did I forget to mention a certain unrepentent adultress without a job or a life who wants to run the local masjid like it was her kitchen ?

Reality check insects,
1) No one believes anti-Muslim scum like the inbred lgf crowd sincerly view Wadud and her associates as "good Muslims." To them, they're just usefull idiots to be discarded later.

2) Islam cannot be changed, no matter what these stalgamites want or do.

3) So have as many of these phoney fridays you want proggies, we all know this is salad dressing for kafirs to lavish false praise on you. You arent fooling anyone.

4) Since when did folks who never set foot in the masjid became so serious about jummah ? Probably to get those cameras in their faces, not to mention checking each other out in rukuh and sajdah. What else do you expect from those who get off on porn ?

Monday, March 07, 2005

Conman Nassef smears Ingrid Mattson

The ever slimy head of MWU must be desperate. Not content with smearing Muslim civil rights groups, the mendacious masri has now targeted Dr. Ingrid Mattson, director of Islamic Chaplaincy and Professor at the Macdonald Center for Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations at Hartford Seminary in Hartford, CT. She also happens to be vice-president of ISNA. Nassef feels that Mattson got this position by merely being a woman "rolled out" by ISNA to show how it was "woman-friendly."
Dr.Mattson did the unforgivable by referring to MWU and its third rate hacks as "those who have gone to extremes." Hmmmmm, sounds accurate to me, since endorsing gay marriage isnt exactly considered halal. Nassef also highlights Asra Nomani and Mona Eltahawy as the sort of woman who are "pioneers" within the Muslim community. Who ??? Asra Nomani = A bitter middle aged unrepentent adultress trying to make a name for herself by smearing her local masjid. Mona Eltahawy = a journalist for the third rate Asharq al-Awsat. She's been endorsed by Paul Wolfowitz, and makes appearances on Bill "phone-sex" O'Reilly's show and other equally revolting programs. Pardon me for not rolling out the red carpet. And dont even get me started on race baiter and coward Amina Wadud.
FOX-friendly Nassef also cites the questionable survey showing that only 10% of American Muslims attend the masjid. This, in his devolved mind is an endorsement of reactionary leftist extremism MWU espouses and a rejection of what scholars like Mattson represent. Whats really going on here ? Easy folks, the RAND lackey has a problem with strong Muslim woman who define their own identity within the confines of the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh). Its even worse that she's a revert, the type of Muslim very familiar with the workings of the jahiliyah mindset so common at MWU. Whats more, since Nassef possesses neither the intelligence nor courage to take on a towering figure like Mattson, he does the next best "pro-regressive" thing and that is taking cheap shots at her on his website.

What a shameless and shallow degenerate you are, Ahmed Nassef.

The spin on Syria

You know theres something fishy going on when the usual suspects (U-S) are calling for an end to the "occupation" of Lebanon. Oh, and Palestine and Iraq occupations dont apply. Notice that the circumstances behind Syrian presence in Lebanon are never touched upon. The spin is that "democracy," whatever the hell that means in an age of invasions, assassinations and state terrorism is on the march. Yeah right.
Why would the Syrians assassinate the former Lebanese PM ? Easy, they didnt. Theres only one "nation" in that part of the world which benefits from framing the Syrians "by way of deception."
Conspiracy theory ? Sure, if you consider the Lavon affair, the attack on the USS liberty, and Jonathan Pollard to be figments of some crazy A-rabs imagination. Connect the dots people !

Monday, February 07, 2005


How about we get this rabbi to circumslice lgf scum. Nothing like public service to make amends.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bollywood moments 1

A couple of weeks ago legendary Bollywood actor Amrish Puri died at the age of 72 from a blood clot in the brain. This punjabi thespian played some of the best villians in Indian cinema for the nearly three decades, who can forget Mogambo from "Mr.India" ? Or the stern, but loving patriarch from "Virasat." He was the villian-priest from "Indiana Jones and the temple of doom," incase y'all didnt know. A real loss for both fans, and India.
Also, 70s actress/bimbo Parveen Babi also died at the age 49 in her sleep. I believe the cause of death was diabetic complications with a bit of booze thrown in. She was on the cover of TIME back in the day, shown as a "modern Indian, with unconventional western looks." Amazing what wearing a bikini and showing cleavage can do to "modernize" third world woman....Needless to say, TIME wasnt really interested when their "modern Indian" pin-up girl was diagnosed with schizophrenia and spent the last 15 years as a recluse. I doubt they'll even acknoledge her passing.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

How to become a "neo-salafi"

Ask tough questions about a group of psuedo-Muslim "progressives," particularly their true intentions.
Ahmed Nassef, our psuedo-Muslim conman of the year and all-around dollar scholar will then proceed to issue a "progressive" fatwa labelling the concerned party as "neo-salafi."
You are now a big bad "neo-salafi."

On a related note, I've decided to label grand Sheikh Nassef and his minions neo-regressives.

Friday, January 14, 2005

How to cure Atheism

Take them to an OBGYN ward and have them watch a birth from labor till delivery. Its hard to believe people dont learn despite the miracles we see everyday at the hospital.