Friday, December 31, 2004

psuedo-Muslim conman of the year - Ahmed Nassef

I must give credit to Nassef, if not for phony, attention whoring liars like him I would never have fully learned to appreciate organizations like CAIR and ISNA which actually do something for Muslims.
Comrade Nassef has spent the better part of the last two years bashing any Muslim organization which doesnt share his "vision" for Muslims in the US. Trouble is, outside of the few left wing extremists who believe in his perverted worldview, few are paying attention to what the MWU strongman has to say. A few facts to correct the many mendacious claims of the deluded Masri :

MWU is NOT the most read North American Muslim website, Islamicity is. Note : This is ignoring the questionable nature of how Alexa ranks websites.

CAIR has fought for the rights of hundreds of Muslim Americans in the last decade, MWU hasnt done anything close in its 2 years in existance. CAIR doesnt apply a ideological litmus test to the people they help.

CAIR has nearly 30 chapters in North America, MWU is nothing outside of cyberspace, with the occasional "meetup" of similar minded know-nothing yuppies at your local starbucks armed with digital cameras.

Hijab is fard. If you dont like wearing it, thats your problem.

Having a softspot for Bakhlava and Biryani doesnt make you a Muslim i.e. A Muslim is NOT one who claims to be one, but a believer in the oneness of Allah, his messengers, his books etc.

CAIR has given literature on Islam to over 7500 libraries across the nation, MWU has given....nothing. Big surprise.

Muslims who pray 5 times, fast, are modest and give charity are better than those that dont.

Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammed (saw) is the seal of the Prophets, not mirza ghulam ahmed, not elijah mohammed and other imposters.

Homosexuality is a sin, but how many pro-regressives read Quran and Hadith anyway ?

Michael Mohammed Knight is a certified idiot. If you want to keep him out of the slammer, discourage him from impersonating others. Then again, a night in the pokey with Big Ramon may teach Mr.Knight some much needed adab.

Muslims have the highest birthrate on the planet, so its obvious they have no problems with sex. So much for being prudes. Note to Ms.Kahf : Writing pornography wont improve your sex life.

I'll stop before I really cut to the bone. Bottom line ? CAIR, despite its faults repesents the interests of Muslims than the RAND robots over at MWU. A vocal minority of lefty fanatics in cyberspace and exposure in neocon friendly press does not represent the over 7 million strong Muslim American population. Last time I checked CAIR managed to raise a million dollars for its fund drive, how much did the sharia hating politburo at MWU raise ?
Its apparent that Muslim Americans have let their pocket books speak for them. Reality can be very unforgiving, cant it Mr.Nassef ?

Saturday, December 18, 2004

MWU got hacked...big whup

Notice that no one was screaming murder when MWU's resident idiot savant Michael Muhammed Knight was going around impersonating CAIR communications director Ibrahim Hooper. Thankfully, the threat of litigation stopped Knight, and he bitterly whines about it still.
Seems like MWU croonies cant take it, but sure can dish it out. Sad, but funny.