Thursday, November 11, 2004

Vitamin E Linked to Higher Death Rates

This is contrary to what we were taught in medical school. Vit. E is an LDL ("bad cholesterol") hunter, thus decreasing the rate of atherosclerosis in major vessels. Either people are too mcuh of this stuff or theres an alternate mechanism of action at work here.


ajsuhail said...

I used to take 400 IU a day till this news broke.Now I have decided to stick to the regular multi vitamin.

Does any one info on Vitamin C and omega fish oils?

DrMaxtor said...

Take it from me bro, unless you're over 40 dont bother with multivitamins. Your food is fortified with enough vitamins. If you're interested in fish oils, know that there is a tiny bit of cholesterol in them. Just go with flax seed oil gelcaps which contain the needed omega-3 fatty acids sans the cholesterol.
Wouldnt be a bad idea to toss in a baby aspirin every other day either.

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