Sunday, November 28, 2004

Obesity in Women Linked with Brain Tissue Loss


Leila M. said...

"In 1992, when the subjects were between 70 and 84 years of age, head CT was performed to assess any shrinkage in brain volume, according to a report in the medical journal Neurology.

The researchers found that women with losses in their temporal lobes -- the areas of the brain associated with hearing as well other functions -- had body mass index (BMI) measurements throughout adulthood that were 1 to 1.5 points higher than women without any loss in brain volume.

Oh come on, why did they wait until they were elderly to do the brain scan? How does that rule out other possible causes? 1-1.5 points of BMI is very very little. My BMI must be something akin to 100 or something, by that logic, my IQ will drop to about 2 by the time I'm 80 (as if I would care at that point anyway)

DrMaxtor said...

You've got a point Leila, BMI relation to brain size is questionable, but I cant say I'd surprised if the morbidly obese are aging prematurely either.

Leila M. said...

I hear you there, but I suppose it would also depend upon one's definition of just what aging is-- the generic notion being one of gradual physical and mental decrepancy, I suppose. I personally don't see a negative in the idea of aging, seeing it as a part of our cycle of existence, and therefore quite beautiful.

As for the noggin, I don't put much weight on it (pun intended) as we use such a small portion of our brains to begin with as well as the consideration of the sheer versatility of the organ. Also note there's been studies on brain mass and gender, noting male's brains shrink faster than females, or the hypothalamus studies of transvestites-- I don't think that says anything either way on intelligence or a cause or affect link, either. Some argue that a certain slice of the population tends to have a physical trait-- but that does not presuppose that the cause lies in the slice and the effect on the trait... for all we know, it could be the opposite.

Doniette said...

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