Saturday, October 30, 2004

Corrupt Pakistani Charlatans for Bush

aka "Muslims for Bush" aka all members of the affluent pakistani-American Gull Hasan family. If you went to ISNA this year you probably saw these idiots at their booth hanging out the munafiqs from MWU.
Saw these frauds (Seeme Gull Hasan and her son Muhammed Ali Hasan, brother to Asma Gull Hassan, self-declared "Muslim femenista cowgirl," whatever the hell that means) on a PTV commercial pimping for Bush. Reasons given for their position :

Bush has said so many good things about Islam and Muslims.
Bush is good for Pakistan.
Bush is the savior of the Muslim world.
Bush embraced Ali Hasan's "muslimness."

You have to be pathologically delusional to come up with balderdash like this, or you just happen to be heavy duty contributers to the Bush re-election campaign. I'm sure those tax cuts didnt hurt any either. HMO credentials notwithstanding.
Seeme Gull Hasan reminds me of a typically obese desi aunt trying to assert herself as the life of the part at desi gatherings. "Oh look at me ! The president put his arm around me !"
Ali Hasan is either a naive attention craving cretin or a serial liar. He also claims to be a "budding comedian," I guess sanitizing the record of a war criminal responcible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq is now considered "comedy."
Considering the number of US backed dictators in the Muslim world, its shouldnt be a surprise that Muslim neocons are being manufactured for domestic purposes.
In a related development 75% of Muslim Americans will be voting for the lesser of two evils, Kerry.


izzymo said...

What does it mean that Bush accepted his "Muslimness"? And what is Muslimness anyway? Is it a name, a way of dress or peppering your language with Arabic?

Pakistan is important but it's not the only issue affecting Muslims. So what if Bush said great things about Muslims when he is bombing us to smithereens. Oy! It must be nice to be rich so you can champion oppressive policies that don't affect you.

DrMaxtor said...

What Ali Hasan meant by Bush embracing his "muslimness" is "my mom and dad gave him lots of cash." Its statements like these which leave no dount in my mind that Hasan and his family are a bunch of disingenous opportunistic charlatans.
Its interesting that the PM crowd which smear CAIR, ISNA etc as "conservative" have no qualms about hooking up with the Hasans to create the PMU...guess money talks.

The comments about Pakistan are in relation to the lifting of sanctions by Bush after Musharraf sold out. Its ironic that Bush couldnt even recall who Musharraf was back in 2000 and all of a sudden they're best buds post 9/11. Guess theres a rapport even amongst two unelected dullards.